Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lord love a duck!

About a week ago I looked out of the window in the room I loosely call “the office” to find two ducks on my lawn, standing in the water from the sprinkler. I grabbed the camera and took a couple of pictures because seriously, at the time, ducks in my yard was not a regular occurrence. The ducks were obviously domesticated and as far as I knew none of my neighbors had ducks. Thinking I was being a good citizen and not wanting anything bad to happen to these ducks, I called animal control. Maybe the local officer knew who had ducks and could take them home.

While waiting for the officer, the ducks tried to run into the neighbor’s yard. I kept herding them back into my yard. When the officer arrived the ducks continued to try and run into the neighboring yard. We followed and discovered that this was indeed their home. The officer told me to just herd them back home whenever they show up unless they start eating the garden. I must say I felt rather stupid having called animal control about the ducks; although, the officer was quite friendly and told me that in the past week he caught 4 goats and a pig within a couple of blocks of my house. Now you know just how rural my little town is.

The ducks are now a permanent fixture around my yard and the yard of the neighbor on the other side. They rarely spend time in their own yard. I tried to herd them back home one day and touched the white one. My mistake. The white and black one, which I think is male, ran at me and pecked at my leg. Not a bite just a warning. Since then when they see me the male starts towards me with an evil glint in its beady little eye and tries to bite me. The last time this happened I was getting into the car and out of the blue I felt a pinch on the top of my foot. That darn duck had tried to take another bite out of me. A couple of evenings ago I was walking from the back yard and both charged at me. I am not proud. I will admit that I ran.

While it is fun to say I have ducks wandering around in my yard, the ducks themselves are not fun. They may be cute but they are kind of mean.

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Cynthia said...

You know, I'm so glad I stopped in and saw your cute house last month because as I read this post, I could totally picture everything in my mind. I can absolutely imagine goats, pigs and all kinds of other neighborhood 'pets' in your surprisingly rural (given the location) town. So fun!

Well, the picturing it in my mind is fun, not so much the living of the 'good ducks gone bad' scenario in which you find yourself. Those suckers CAN be mean! I have a picture of Logan as an 18 month old baby at the park sitting on the grass. In the photo you can see a GOOSE charging him. My Mom was able to swoop him out of the way just barely in time to keep the damn thing from biting his face! Don't mess with water foul!