Sunday, February 3, 2013

A little of this...a little of that

I stayed up all through the Friday night and Saturday morning hours reading.  I knew I should close the book and turn out the light, after all I had to take my son to an audition in Salt Lake in the morning.   It wasn't the story, so much as the characters.  I could so relate so well to their internal struggles and they were so likable that I felt I was spending time with good friends.  With each page turned, I wished the book fairy would add another to the end.  Do you ever get completely sucked in to a book like that? 

This morning it was breakfast at IHOP.  My son order the Red Velvet pancakes.  His description:  Diabetes on a plate. 

After breakfast, I went shooting.  I have felt cooped up for so long and the fresh air and sunshine felt wonderful.  I was able to shoot my friend's .9 mm Smith and Wesson M&P Shield.  I love this gun.
Like the majority of the country I watched the Superbowl.  I didn't have a favorite team but I enjoyed the game.  I wasn't impressed with a lot of the commercials and the half-time show was really unimpressive.  Lots of flash, little substance.

Best Superbowl commercial:

My sleepless reading night is catching up to me and unfortunately tomorrow is Monday.  Have a good week!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Mutterings

Monday is too far way from Friday but Friday is too close to Monday.
I told myself I wouldn't turn on the television today and get caught up in the Inauguration hoop-la but I did it anyway.  I tuned into Fox News and listened or watched while working.  All I saw were dollar signs and the ding of a cash register.
3 course lunch with lobster tails, bison, champagne, and wine. 
Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding.
Fancy gifts.
Beyonce singing the national anthem.
My friend and I are working on getting an Etsy store up and running to sell our crochet, knitting, and sewing projects.  I will post a link when we get it going.  In the meantime,  we are both coming up with items to sell.   This is a bag I finished over the weekend.  The pattern is my own (need to write it out) except for the square for the front pocket; that is from a Red Heart Yarn afghan pattern.

I know I haven't been blogging lately but how come I can't just upload a picture from my computer?  I had to use Picassa.  Is there a work around for this? or am I just an idiot?
The weather in Utah lately could be best described at "too damn cold".  I like winter but I also like to be able to get outside and enjoy it. 
I bought a pass to use the pool at the little hotel in town.  I've been trying to get there at least 3 days a week.  Working on losing the ten pounds I have gained since last summer.
 It isn't budging.
Hope everyone has a great week!