Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is there someone...

Is there someone you know who you just don't like?  I hate to admit it, but there is a woman I know who I just do not like.  I have tried to "get over it" but I can't seem to get past it.  She has no impact on my day to day life but whenever I see her or hear her name I cringe.  Whenever I see her I say and do all the polite and correct niceties but  I feel like hundreds of little bugs are crawling all over my skin.  How sad is that? 

Really, I don't spend a lot of time dwelling on disliking this person but I sure wouldn't mind if she moved far, far away.  So I ask, is there someone in your life who you have taken a serious dislike to?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Passed Over

As a rule, I don't blog about work stuff but this week has sort of sucked so I thought I would share.  There is a huge upside to my job:  I get to work from home.  So I can be a stay at home mom and work full time.  Okay being a stay at home mom isn't as cool with a 16 year old as it would have been when he was six but it is still a huge blessing. Sometimes working at home can be a little boring because the social aspect isn't there but my job is pretty solitary anyway.  When I was driving to the office everyday, I rarely spoke with anyone because I was the only person in the building who does what I do and my boss is halfway across the country. 

The down side to my job:  No matter how much effort I put into being the best I can be at my job, mentoring and training my fellow employees, accepting any new challenge that comes my way, and taking the time to train myself on whatever it is I don't know - I have not been able to get bumped up into the next pay grade.  My former boss tried to get HR to bump be up - FAIL.  My current boss has tried - FAIL.  So a couple of weeks ago when an employee in my group left the company, a spot opened up in the higher pay grade.  At the encouragement of my boss, I applied.  Same job, same responsibilities, higher pay.  Sounds great.  I aced my interview.  I have all of the qualifications.  But when it came right down to it, I was passed over.  

I have to admit, the woman who was offered the position is more qualified and deserves it for the additional amount of work she does beyond what our job descriptions entail.   While I am upset at being passed over, I am  proud of myself for trying.  Maybe the next one will be mine. 


Friday, February 4, 2011

Fishing Daydreams

There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind. ~Washington Irving

2003 - Provo River

I do not mind winter..really.  It is only temporary after all.  By the time I am sick and tired of the cold and wet, the weather changes and the tulips start popping up. 
The downfall of winter...I don't fish in the winter.  I could go ice-fishing if I had the appropriate gear but I don't.  I know there are places to fish but cold and water together make it unappealing.  Instead, I daydream about fishing.  More specifically - fly-fishing.  
About 7 years ago I took a fly-fishing class that included an evening of guided fishing on the Provo River.  Not a bad deal for fifty bucks.  Since then I have been least on the idea anyway.  I haven't really done much since then.  I fish all through the spring, summer, and fall but it is with my regular rod and reel.  During this time, my fishing gear is always in the back of my car.  Ready to go at a moments notice.
This year the fly-rod is going to be packed in with everything else.  I have stripped the line off the reel, cleaned it, and hung it up  (This helps get the "memory" out of the line making it easier to cast).  My reel has been cleaned.  My dad and I have tied a few flies.  Now I just need to wait for the weather to warm up enough that I am comfortable near the water.  Until then, I will continue to daydream.  Make sure my gear is ready.  Read up on the nuances of fly-fishing: casting, reading the water, and a little Entomology.  I'll spend a little time tying flies and pouring over fishing magazines with my dad. 
I don't catch many fish.  It isn't even why I go. I go for the quiet.  The relaxation.  For me it is a time of calm.  My anxiety flees as soon as my line hits the water and for that short amount of time, I am at peace.  Until I get out there again I will daydream of fishing and hope some of that peace seeps through the cold and gloom to warm up my day.