Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Average American Woman

I consider myself to be an Average American Woman. I believe in God and Country, work hard to meet the needs of my family, and pay taxes. I worry about my child, my waistline, my bills, and the state of my Country. I would rather spend time with family and friends than watch the news.

I have a college degree but refuse to call it a higher education as those words imply that I am better educated than those that do not. I know some incredibly smart people who have dropped out of high school or do not have a college education but can run circles around me with their knowledge.

I am a registered voter. I am neither a republican nor a democrat. I cast my vote based on who I think has my best interest at heart. I am not bound by mascot or color – red or blue. I admit though, that I tend to lean to the right.

I respect the Constitution of the United States. I carry a gun from time to time as the second amendment allows and I respect those who use their first amendment rights to voice their opinion against the second, though I do not always agree.

I support the military. I may not always believe in their battles but have the utmost respect for the men and women who are willing to leave their families to go where they are asked. One day these brave people will be asked to fight on American soil and I want to believe that when they fight for me and my rights, I am deserving of that sacrifice.

I did not vote for the current President of the United States nor do particulary trust him or believe in his agenda. Maybe in time that will change. Many Obama supporters would label me a racist based on that comment alone. I am not. I fully supported Collin Powell’s run for President against Clinton, and had he stayed in the race Powell would have had my full support. Are those the words or views of a racist?

Although I have my own views about President Obama, I respect my friends who have different views. I appreciate when we can share our views without criticism for the other. I was also annoyed when my school district chose not to air his speech to the students and was pleased when they decided to allow them to watch it a few days afterward.

I worry about health care reform. Not because I don’t think some sort of reform is needed, but because I want it done in a non-partisan way. I want the Citizen’s concerns to be heard not dismissed as uneducated, and I do not want to see an increase to spending or taxes which are both too high. I also want any reform bill to be well thought out and not given a dead line for passing in order for the President to say he was able to accomplish this in his first year. I want no provision or loop hole that allows healthcare for ILLEGAL immigrants.

I am for LEGAL immigration and immigration reform. I do not hold ill will to anyone who legally enters this country and becomes a US Citizen. We are all immigrants, and yes I do understand that by today’s standard the immigration of our forefathers would be considered illegal. I believe if you want to live in the United Stated of America you need to respect the laws, language, and people. You do not need to give up your identity to become a Citizen but you do need to learn the English language and use it. I should not have to learn yours. My taxes should not pay for healthcare, food, or any other benefit our government currently provides to ILLEGAL immigrants.

I think Americans do not have a place to go where they can get un-biased answers about issues that concern them. Everyone has an agenda. Every news network and program has a degree of bias, some more than others. I realized this during the election and had to stop watching the 24 hour news networks. They specialize in stirring up controversy, are high on opinions, and low on facts.

I want a place where all of the bills passed by Government are fully laid out in layman’s terms. If someone knows of such a place dealing in facts and not opinion, I would like to know how to find it. I believe transparency in government is needed now more than ever. Obama used this in his campaign but I have yet to see any such thing.

I believe politics have become too divisive and blame our so-called leaders for their lack of leadership and the bandying about of words such as “reconciliation”, which in Congress basically means (as per my understanding) “we get want we want even though it isn’t what you want”.

I believe in term limits for Congress and that each Representative needs to send an annual accountability statement (not using taxpayer money) to their constituents. This should outline what they voted on, why, and how it impacts them. Constituents shouldn’t have to dig through all of the minutia on websites to get this information.

I think the voters should have the final say on whether or not Congress gets pay increases. Congress should not determine this one on their own – the majority of them will say yes every time. I don’t get to decide whether or not I get a raise and neither should they.

I think there is no reason why a member of Congress should not be there to vote on every bill. This is what they signed on for and have been tasked with by their constituents. I also believe a sitting member of Congress should not be able to run for another office unless they have resigned. Constituents are not well represented by a member of Congress who is running around the country seeking votes for President.

I believe every Citizen has a voice regardless of political affiliation, religion, race, and ethnicity, social or economic background and that many of those voices are ignored because they are not those of the majority.

Finally, I will end my post with this: It is your right to disagree with me and my right to disagree with you. If you disagree with me I will assume it is because you have valid reasons behind those disagreements. I will not label you as an uneducated racist or any other derogatory term, as long as you do not label me as such.


Cynthia said...

I would TOTALLY disagree with you- if you'd said anything I disagree with but, well, we seem to hold nearly identical opinions.

However, I enjoy meeting and speaking with intellegent people (defined by me as those that can discuss issues rationally without resorting to emotional 'arguements', such as racism, to try and shut down discussion if they lack factual data to back their positions.

I recently worked a temp job for 12 days. Cash for Clunkers processing and I've never in my life seen such a disaster (and I've been a government employee). Through that temp gig I met a mid-aged black man who campaigned for Obama. We had some spirited and fascinating discussions on politics etc. and both managed to remain respectful. I learned a lot from him even though it didn't change my mind- nor did I change his. We were both just seeking understanding, not conversion. It would be so good for this country if more people would have these discussions. I may disagree with his solutions but he has a legitimate viewpoint.

Swede_Lady said...

I still know we often think alike and yet I don't worry about the times we don't. Has to be one of the best things about you!