Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I should be in bed but....

Today was one of those days that started out really well, broke down in the middle of the day, and is ending with me not being able to sleep just yet. Instead of dwelling on the bad, perhaps if I look at the good from today I will be able to put the day behind me and find some much needed sleep.

The good list:
  1. The "Aha" moment this morning when I participated in a meeting and actually used information I have learned in my University of Phoenix MBA program.
  2. Lunch with one of my best friends at a place where we were the youngest, smallest, and best looking people in the restaurant. Okay that sounds a little conceited but everyone needs something to hang onto every now and then.
  3. Having the same friend comfort me when I cried because of someone else's insensitivity and offering to drive down just so I would have a shoulder to cry on if I needed one.
  4. My son doing the dishes and taking care of the dog while I went to my exercise class.
  5. Having a teenager who still tells me all the time how much he loves me and still gives me hugs.
  6. Having a teenager who realized on his own that he needed to break-up with his so called girlfriend because she is a little nutty and because none of the parents want their child to have a girlfriend. Note this is not a serious girlfriend but a silly kind of Jr. High thing.
  7. Exercise class with a friend.
  8. Finishing my homework on time.
  9. Discovering the US (Pirate) language on Facebook which just made me smile.
  10. Knowing that the bad stuff will pass and eventually it will be just a memory.

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