Friday, February 4, 2011

Fishing Daydreams

There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind. ~Washington Irving

2003 - Provo River

I do not mind winter..really.  It is only temporary after all.  By the time I am sick and tired of the cold and wet, the weather changes and the tulips start popping up. 
The downfall of winter...I don't fish in the winter.  I could go ice-fishing if I had the appropriate gear but I don't.  I know there are places to fish but cold and water together make it unappealing.  Instead, I daydream about fishing.  More specifically - fly-fishing.  
About 7 years ago I took a fly-fishing class that included an evening of guided fishing on the Provo River.  Not a bad deal for fifty bucks.  Since then I have been least on the idea anyway.  I haven't really done much since then.  I fish all through the spring, summer, and fall but it is with my regular rod and reel.  During this time, my fishing gear is always in the back of my car.  Ready to go at a moments notice.
This year the fly-rod is going to be packed in with everything else.  I have stripped the line off the reel, cleaned it, and hung it up  (This helps get the "memory" out of the line making it easier to cast).  My reel has been cleaned.  My dad and I have tied a few flies.  Now I just need to wait for the weather to warm up enough that I am comfortable near the water.  Until then, I will continue to daydream.  Make sure my gear is ready.  Read up on the nuances of fly-fishing: casting, reading the water, and a little Entomology.  I'll spend a little time tying flies and pouring over fishing magazines with my dad. 
I don't catch many fish.  It isn't even why I go. I go for the quiet.  The relaxation.  For me it is a time of calm.  My anxiety flees as soon as my line hits the water and for that short amount of time, I am at peace.  Until I get out there again I will daydream of fishing and hope some of that peace seeps through the cold and gloom to warm up my day.


myletterstoemily said...

look at you, fly fisherwoman! my boys adore it
and implore me to try, but i am content to let
them go . . .

they say women are better at it, though!

Cynthia said...

That's awesome! You should go fish the Provo with my Dad. He's been fishing that river for 50 years and knows every nook and cranny. They go quite a lot in summer and none of his girls ever took to fishing the way you have- I'm sure he'd love to fish with you!

Cynthia said...

Oh- and glad to see you back! Keep blogging!

just call me jo said...

My daughter is an avid fly-fisherwoman. I can worm fish. But I don't know nothin' about that fancy stuff. I'm glad you can find peace and serenity in the process. I know it's a great pass time.

M-Cat said...

I grew up fishing with my dad. Not fly fishing but the old way. Set you hook, cast it out and then sit and relax while waiting for a bite. There were more talks and bonding on those days than any other. Love it!