Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School...Almost

Today I registered my son for high school! Between the standard fee's, drama fee, biology fee, yearbook, and driver's ed the check was $267. Yikes!!!  We need to go back to the school tomorrow morning to make some changes to his classes.  They did not put him in an English class even though it is required.  If I remember right we had the same issue last year at the junior high school. 

When we got home, we planned out the courses he needs to take throughout high school to make sure he satisfies all of his core requirements.  We don't want any surprises his senior year. We also added the additional courses suggested for students who are planning to attend a University or apply for a scholarship.  Unfortunately, if he does everything on the spreadsheet (Yes! I put it in a spreadsheet.) his senior year will be more academic than "fun" but he seems to be okay with it all. My son isn't sure what he wants to do after high school in terms of what college or career, but I want him to do whatever it takes in order to have more options available to him. Too much is better than not enough.

Off topic - I really enjoy "The Real Housewives of New Jersey".  It is the only "Housewife" show that I actually watch.  My only problem is Danielle.  She drives me nuts and I find myself turning the channel whenever she starts talking/whining about how picked on she is.  Two words woman: Grow Up!


just call me jo said...

I think that was what I paid to go to my first quarter of college--Times have changed. I can't believe they left him out of English. How dare they!! You get on 'em, Amy. You gotta have English. ;o)

Cynthia said...

You've got a smart, great kid there! I would recommend that you start helping him find out what he is good at and passionate about now. Kids who start college with a major in mind (even if they change it at some point) are more than twice as likely to finish as kids who don't know what they want to do. I was on the scholarship board for a year at USU and have a pretty good idea about what they look for/who gets awards. I'd be happy to help you two strategize.

Also, get him on college campuses all over Utah. Many kids who are smart enough and have the grades don't go because they can't picture themselves there. Any sort of summer program that lets him stay in the dorms somewhere for a week will help him 'see' himself as a college student which helps make the leap.

I live in FEAR of getting my TWINS registered for all that stuff! Having doubles is expensive!

M-Cat said...

I'm giddy that I don't have to do any school registrations for the first time in 20 years.

And I LOVE RHNJ!!! It's the only one I watch too! And last night was epic. That Danielle, is just a hot mess! As much as I can't stand her, I can't turn away......train wreck