Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A little of this...a dash of that...

I've been feeling a little under the weather the past few days. I'm not sure what kind of weird bug I have but  I've been feeling toxic.  Head achy, sleepy, stomach not processing like it should, hot flashes, etc. Just down right icky.  I haven't worked for the past two days either. This says a lot about how I have been feeling considering I work from home and very little energy is needed to sit at my computer in my sweats to work.  Because of the icky toxic whatever it is I almost called my friend to tell her I wouldn't be going to our Tuesday night Zumba class.  I love Zumba and haven't been for the past few weeks.  The first week I was out of town and last week there was something going on with my son.  Anyway...I decided that maybe an hour of dancing around and sweating might actually make me feel better. 

Surprise! I feel better. Not miraculously better but better.  My nose is still running, still a little head achy, but not feeling quite so toxic and icky.  Hopefully, when I wake up in the morning I won't feel like I need to sleep for another 4 or 10 hours.

Next...A couple of weeks ago my sister and I went on a road-trip together.  It was great because she and I hadn't done something like this before.  She went to Portland for some pharmacy training and I went up to Washington to visit a friend.  This may sound a little strange but on my to-do list while in Washington was to visit Port Orchard and Debbie Macomber's - A Good Yarn Shop.  I love yarn.  I love to crochet and I love reading Debbie Macomber books so it felt right to visit her yarn shop.  The shop is in an adorable  building and while the inside was not quite what I had imagined, I truly enjoyed the selection of yarn.  I even bought a skein and a book for making slouchy beanies.  Macomber is a knitter so there were very few crochet books but I really enjoyed my visit to the shop. 

Speaking of crochet...instead of blogging or doing anything on the computer other than work, my fingers have been busy creating beanies, scarves, slippers, and even a sweater.  It is what I do when I am not doing what I have to do.  I will post some pictures just as soon as I can steal the camera away from my son.

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just call me jo said...

I love yarn too and I can't knit or crochet very well. Glad you're feeling some better. I've had MacComber recommended many times but have never read one of her books. I might have to try them.