Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Country Heart

I love country music! Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Reba, George Strait, Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert, Chris Ledoux - I love it all.  The more country twang the better. Add banjo, fiddle, and steel guitar and I love it even more.

I am sure part of my love of country comes from my family.  Grandpa played guitar (and a few more instruments I'm sure) and Grandma played the banjo.  A couple of my uncles play and one still performs with his band.  I remember riding in the car with Grandma and Grandpa to family reunions listening to  scratchy recordings of some really old time country singers. I think Grandpa recorded them by holding  his cassette recorder to the record player.  As kids we would go to my grandparents house at least once a week and sometimes we would watch "Hee Haw" with them.  On the ride home, my mom always had the radio tuned to a country station, I would close my eyes and just listen. 

I write this post because last night was the CMA awards.  One of my favorite singer's these days is Miranda Lambert.  She was nominated for 9 awards and won 3.  She also had the honor of singing "Coal Miner's Daughter" with Sheryl Crow and one of my all time favorite country ladies, Loretta Lynn.  I missed it on the show because I had to work but caught the clip on You Tube.  I am so sentimental, I became a little choked up.   

Overall, I really enjoyed the show.  Brad Paisley made an excellent host and won "Entertainer of the Year".  George Strait performed, still sounding great, and looking good. The Zac Brown Band performed my current favorite song "As She's Walking Away" with Alan Jackson.  Miranda got a little crazy with "That's The Way That The World Goes Round".  I can say that 'cause even her fiancee Blake Shelton did the finger circle by his head when the camera was on him during her performance. Little Jimmy Dickins made an appearance in snorkeling gear as the Nashville flood warning system. 

I am one lady who will always be a country girl at heart and I wouldn't have it any other way.



Cynthia said...

I didn't watch the show but I do love watching my Daddy play his vintage 1958 Gibson guitar. I remember family parties in Grandma and Grandpa's back yard with my Dad and Bud on guitar, Grandpa (Grandma?) on banjo, Steve on drums and Debbie singing and playing the tamborine.

I don't imagine it's a coincidence I married me a musical man given that upbringing. I'm never embarrassed to admit I'm going home with the drummer! (or keyboardist, or guitarist, or harmonica- my Bee has some talent) (except singing- shh!)

Amy said...

I forgot about the parties where Grandpa would play with the boys. But now I see it plain as day in my head. I sure miss those days.

just call me jo said...

I watched the CMAs too. Country music is surely different that it was when I was young, but I like it better now. There is a genuine love of life, warts and all, in country music. I want to be Carrie Underwood when I grow up. None of my family played anything but the radio, but we really enjoyed singing along.

Cynthia said...

Hey! Where are you? I hope you come back to blogging!