Sunday, June 10, 2012

Catching Up!

I am spending the day recovering from what felt like a truly crazy week.  Watching the NASCAR race, doing laundry, and as little of everything else as possible.
Last Saturday I made a trip to Wasatch Running where mcat helped me find a great pair of shoes.  I am not a runner but with all of the pain in my right heel I need something that I can walk in that won't aggravate the pain.  So far, I have not had any pain when I where the new shoes.  They are pretty too!

Afterward, my son and I visited the new City Creek Center in Salt Lake.  It is a pretty cool mall but not somewhere I  feel I need to visit often.  Plus it is quite a drive from where I live. 

View of Salt Lake Temple from City Creek.

Work has been a little busier than usual.  Trust me, I am not complaining about this.  I need to keep busy with work.  I am constantly worrying about getting laid-off.  I know it is nothing I can control but the reminder is always there.  Whether it is a comment being made in a meeting or a client who decides to take more of their business in house.  I know a lot of people in every industry feels similar stress.  It is hard to give your all when you are worried that it doesn't matter.  To add to the stress, I have been with this company for 13 years.  There is not a lot of need for the type of work I do.  I am the bread winner of the family and if I lose my job, I could lose everything.  Going back to school is not an option right now.  Been there, done that.  Have two worthless diploma's and tons of college debt.
I started water aerobics last Monday. Got up at 5:30 am on Monday and Tuesday for class at 6.  The rest of the week didn't go so well.  But this is a new week and hopefully, I can get in a few more days.  I love the exercise and water in the morning.  Makes me wish I had a pool of my own.  The public pool is only a block away, the cost is minimal, and it is fun.
My niece had a dance recital on Thursday evening.  She is beautiful.  I wish I had taken a picture of here before her dance.  We had plenty of time. There were over 40 dance numbers and hers was the last one.  By the time those girls were able to perform they were so tired and bored, that you could tell they didn't care and just wanted to get it over with. 

I have been in and watched a lot of dance recitals, plays, and other performances, and this one was the worst planned and executed performance I have attended.  I felt bad for the girls and parents.  The recital was scheduled to start at 5 but the audience was too large for the auditorium.  They asked families with girls dancing in the last half of the recital to give up their seats to those who were dancing earlier.  We spent the first hour and a half in the lobby waiting for seats. It really should have been split into two nights.  Despite the delays and annoyance, I am glad I went to support Sissy. Did I mention she is beautiful?  I like to think she gets it from her Aunt.
Pounding on my door and ringing of the doorbell  interrupted the Thursday night quiet at my house.  My son's friend had run away and another friend came over to tell him and ask if he had heard anything.  All I know right now is that she left the house of another friend, got into a silver car with two other people and left.  Thankfully, she was found on Saturday.  I am happy that she was found.  I am super annoyed that she put her parents through the worry. 

In an odd twist, at the time we found out she was missing, I was reading a book where a 17 year old girl had runaway with her 18 year old boyfriend.   
The fickle Utah weather continues.  Wind all day yesterday.  Ever try casting a line on the lake in the wind?  Not fun.  Watching a parade in the wind? Not fun.  I am cool with any other type of weather but I really DO NOT LIKE wind!
A final note (that I know only Jo might appreciate), NASCAR season coverage is split between FOX Sports and TNT.  Today is the first race of the season covered by TNT.  They are not as good as FOX.  It takes getting used to plus they keep putting Twitter Tweets up on the screen.  In some instances it covers the view of the race.  It stinks.  I am tired of networks thinking they need to post twitter feeds during their shows.  In my opinion, it takes away from the viewing experience. 

On the upside the driver I picked for this week is doing great.  If he keeps it up, I will regain my point lead - I am one point behind.  If I am the leader in points at the end of the season, the winner gets $130.  So far, so good.  I love being in the lead!  

Update - between writing this and getting ready to hit publish my driver has lost a lot of places.  He broke a valve and lost a cylinder.  This is not good.  Ugh!!!


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I used to run away to my friend's house on a bi-weekly basis. They'd let me in and her mom would call from downstairs to let my parents know where I was. DRAMA...although it sounds like this was far more serious!

just call me jo said...

I didn't get to see the race. We were racing around after Gunnar and prepping to take him home. I see where Kyle blew an engine and Joey L won. This season hasn't gone the way I like it on NASCAR. I wish I could tell you not to worry about lay offs, but it is always a scare. I'm supposed to have faith, but I don't. It's windy here too, but HOT. You got to meet mcat. Ohh! Hope things get better soon.

mCat said...

Glad that the shoes are working for you! YAY!

And I think there are MANY out there right now feeling the fear of a lay-off. Not that it makes you feel any better, but know you aren't alone. Hopefully November will get here soon, some change in the leadership of the country and the economy back on track!