Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Every day on the news I hear about someone being murdered.  Shot or stabbed senselessly.  Until today, I didn't think something like this would touch my family or those close us.  Today is a reminder that this can happen to anyone. 

My dad called me shortly after 10 am this morning to tell me that a family friend had been murdered early this morning.  KC was having a party at his house when an underage teenager came over.  KC told the kid to leave.  The kid threatened to kill everyone and came back with his cousin.  The cousin stabbed KC twice.   He died at the hospital.  Both the teenager and his cousin are in custody tonight.

KC's dad and my dad have been friends since they were boys.  Both of our families lived in the same town and spent a lot of time together when we were kids.  Although it has been a few years since I have seen KC, I have spent a lot of this day in tears.  Tears have fallen for the tragic loss of life, for the senseless heartbreak to this family, and for the grief on my dad's face.

I can usually make my dad smile and laugh.  Today my attempts resulted in a half-hearted smile.  He feels like he has lost one of his own children and he is worried for his friend who struggled through the loss of his wife several years ago and now must deal with the loss of his youngest son. 

It is hard for me to put into words how I feel.  It is a different feeling than what I felt when I lost a friend in a car accident or a loved one from an illness.  I suppose it is because this seems so calculated, so personal, so senseless. 

Tonight my prayers will be for KC and his family.  I'd like to believe he didn't suffer.  I want to believe that his mom was there holding him and helping him through the pain.  I know she greeted him in heaven with a hug so big and warm and full of love. 

Rest in peace, KC.  I pray that your spirit is at peace and your family find some sort of peace and comfort at this time.


just call me jo said...

There is just a crazy mindset any more with people just retaliating and acting irrationally. Again, I'm sorry. It's difficult to see our loved ones sad. I hope your dad can find some peace soon.

mCat said...

Oh, friend - I am so, so sorry. What a terrible and yes, senseless thing. Prayers for your Dad, KC and his family and for you.