Sunday, January 17, 2010

Accepting Myself

I turned 35 in December have since been examining my life, where I am going, and what I want. All of this examination has led to me to the decision that this year I am going to work on becoming a better me. I’ve started by deciding that this year is the year I lose my extra weight. The next task ahead of me is ACCEPTANCE. Not of others. OF MYSELF.

ACCEPTING MYSELF means that I ACCEPT my faults, imperfections, and everything that make me unique and ME.

ACCEPTING MYSELF doesn’t mean I cannot do better or makes changes. It means that I DECIDE what I need to do better and what changes I should make in my life. It means that I don’t need to apologize for who I am and what I do. I don’t need to conform to what someone else thinks I should be. I am no longer going to ask the question, “What’s wrong with me?” because NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME.

ACCEPTING MYSELF means accepting that I am a single, that I may not meet someone, and I may not fall in love. It doesn’t mean that I will stop wanting to meet someone and get married or that I will close the door to opportunities if they arise. It means that I accept that I am a single woman in a world of couples and am OK with my status. This may be the hardest part in accepting me. If I don’t accept my status I don’t think I can find the happiness I want in my life. I need to stop thinking that something or someone is missing and enjoy being in the moment.


ACCEPTING MYSELF means telling the world, “You don’t get to decide who or what I am! I DECIDE!” It means telling myself, “You are beautiful, fun, spunky, smart and special. You have a wonderful son because you are a wonderful mother. You are amazing the way you are and if you want to change anything about yourself it is only because you’ve decided to be better, do more, and weigh less. You are caring and loving, creative and unique. YOU ARE YOU. If others can’t or won’t see those traits in you, it is not your problem. You only need to prove your worth to yourself and no one else.”

I know the task won’t be easy. I know that I expect more of myself than I do of others. I know that I am more accepting of others than I am of myself. I know I will stumble and worry about what someone thinks of me or doesn’t think of me. The important part is that I keep trying, I forgive myself as I would others, and I look at my faults as I would the faults of others and accept them.

This year I will be a better person physically, emotionally, and mentally. I will give myself the ACCEPTANCE I have given others and the ACCEPTANCE I deserve to give myself.


just call me jo said...

That's a good place to be. I struggle to accept myself, so I admire that you are trying it on and making it fit. Best of luck with this somewhat challenging goal. Sometimes those desires of our heart come during a moment when we aren't looking for them. Hope your dreams find you...

just call me jo said...

Thanks, Amy, for the good advice. I'll check out those Folgers singles. That was very helpful. I DO have the clean sheets on. I need to chill out, I know. I'm sure it will be fine. I appreciate your comments.

Cynthia said...

I love this post. I think all of us struggle with this at times. I am ADD and have often thought maybe I SHOULD just medicate myself so I can fix all the 'wrong' parts of me.

I needed to read this today. I had a REALLY bad day and I'm feeling pretty down on myself as a result. I got beat up emotionally by a couple people and, sadly, I deserved it.