Monday, March 15, 2010

Am I expecting too much?

I moved into my little rental house in February 2007.  Part of my contract is that I am responsible for all utilities.  About a year ago my landlord mentioned that I have a septic tank and am not connected to the city sewer.  Guess what?  I pay for the city sewer.  My neighbor and I were having a conversation one day and I brought it up.  I can't remember what the conversation was about.  His father-in-law happens to be on the city council and last October he stopped by with some men from the city to verify whether or not I am on city sewer.  I'm not.  He took a copy of my rental contract to verify the length of my residence and a copy of my city bill and told me he would bring it to the attention of the mayor and city council. 

Nothing happened.

My neighbor has since moved to another part of the city but stopped by the other day to check on me.  He asked if the city had stopped billing me for sewer and given me a refund.  I told him they hadn't.  He was not very happy and said he would go to the next council meeting on March 17th and bring it up.

A note about my neighbor.  He and his family were the best neighbors I have had.  He is a volunteer fireman and EMT and each year when the city has the open burn, he would bring the brush truck over and help me burn the many branches and leaves from the fall.  Last year, my brother gave me some sod left over from a landscape job and Jeremy and his wife helped lay some of it down while I was out of town.  He also tilled my garden for me and says after the burn this spring he will come til it again to get ready for planting.  I miss having him and his family next door.

Back to the story.  After the visit from my old neighbor, I went to the city website and reviewed the past meeting minutes.  Last October, it was brought up that my house was not connected to the city sewer per the contract with the real estate developer who split the property.  The minutes said the city planner would check on it but it was not brought up again.

As you can imagine, I am getting tired of paying for a city service that I do not use nor have access to.  This morning I wrote a letter and e-mailed it to the mayor and the city council explaining that I have lived here for 3 years and have been paying for sewer.  I mentioned and quoted the minutes of the October meeting and proceeded to tell them that I thought it was unethical for them to bill a citizen for a service she is not connected to.  I told them it would be appropriate for them to address this at the next meeting (which I will be attending) and requested for them to stop billing me for sewer and to issue a refund check for the money I have paid for sewer.

Anyone else think it is unfair to be billed for crap you don't use? Or am I expecting too much?


Swede_Lady said...

Not asking too much at all. You have a right to your feelings. Good luck at the council meeting!

just call me jo said...

That's horrible. Terrible. Think of the money you should get back if they will. Good luck with that. That's worse than beeping alarms any day. Let us know. Go to the mattresses!

tammy said...

No, you're not asking too much. I would be ticked! I'm not so sure I would've been as nice as you about it.

Cynthia said...

Now, girl, THIS is where having family comes into play. Did you know I am a former City Planner? You should NOT be billed for this service as you are not recieving it. It should have been taken care of long ago. If you need me to, I'm happy to attend the meeting with you and speak on your behalf.

IF they still don't move on it, we'll call in Jen with her big political guns. She managed to get the case for our cousins reviewed when the Feds were ignoring it and helped out Misty's family tremendously in the process. It shouldn't come to anything like that but if it does, you have backup!