Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Complication's of the Single Life

Being single isn't exactly a picnic.  It has it's ups and downs - as I am sure marriage does.  Sometimes being single can be complicated. Take tonight for example. 

For the past couple of months I have been on an online dating site.  I have had some interesting experiences with people I have met online so I don't really log into the site that often or have a high interest in meeting someone from there.  I have a couple of male friends I go out with on occasion and that has been enough of the dating world for me.

Last night I logged into the sight and had an email from someone in my same little town.  He asked me where I went to high school.  I wrote back and told him where I went and when I graduated. He came back asking me if my maiden name was Amy ______.  Turns out we were neighbors when I was growing up.  For me this is a little weird but what the heck he isn't a stranger.  We chatted back and forth for a bit and he said he would like to get together and catch up.  I gave him my number and figured I would hear from him in a couple of days. 

This evening he sent me a text asking if I wanted to run down to the One Man Band for a soda and cheese fries. Since I bailed on working out with my friends for the evening, I agreed and told him he could pick me up.  Normally when I meet someone I met through the online dating sites, I will meet them somewhere.  They don't get to know where I live until I know them a whole lot better.  But since I already know this guy, I figured it would be okay.   Turns out he lives just up the street from me, behind my friends house. We went and had cheese fries and good conversation.  I was back home about an hour later.

Meanwhile....I had sort of made tentative plans to hang out with one of my other male friends but nothing concrete. I had not heard from him prior to this other guy inviting me out so I assumed the tentative plans weren't happening.  I did make an effort to find out if he would be stopping by and did not get a response.  Well he dropped by my house while I was on the cheese fry date.  He called after stopping by but I had left my cell phone home.  I called him back when I saw that he had called and told him that I went out with a friend since he didn't let me know whether or not he would be coming by.  He correctly assumed it was another man.  I'm not sure what he thought about it but figure if he doesn't want me seeing other men then he needs to step up his game.

I rarely date but wouldn't you know that the one night in months that I have something that can be considered an actual date, someone else also wants to spend time with me.  This is when being single gets a bit complicated and crazy. 


myletterstoemily said...

wow! two hounds dogs! :)

bless your heart, i can NOT

my friend margaret has been
blogging about on line dating.
it's pretty funny the way she
writes its (single and sane)


Pam said...

That does sound complicated. He does need to step up the game if he doesn't want you to see other people though.

linda said...

There can be such drama in dating! I don't think I'd survive in the dating world. I've been out of commission for far too long!

That's the way it always is though, all or nothing. Figures the other guy would want to get together on the same night!

just call me jo said...

UGH! I hate the memory of dating (or rather for me the lack of dating.) It was horrible at it's best. I think I'd rather sit home with a good book than go through the hassle. (But that's just me.) If either one of those men is worth his salt, he'll realize you're not going to sit around waiting for anyone and they'll roll with it. Sigh! Men...

Cynthia said...

You know, when a guy thinks what he wants will just 'be there', it's good for him to see that he ain't the only one looking! Complicated? Yes! And yet you've just inadvertently made yourself much more desireable to the first suitor (unless he has zero self esteem and is unwilling to work for it- in which case who would want him anyway). Let the games begin! You're a prize worth winning.