Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Project Pictures

I am always saying that I will post pictures later.  Well, friends, here are some pictures.  Finally. 

These are some of the projects I have made lately. Excuse the bad photography skills

 I made these afghans for two of my nieces. 
All of them now have one. 

 I made the green slouchy beanie for my son to wear to football games, etc.  The green and white are his school colors.  A woman from church saw him wearing it and wanted one made for her - only a little more feminine. She is a teacher and wanted the burgundy and white to match her school colors.
(The dates on the pictures are wrong.  Someone messed up the date on his camera.)

 This is the first ever sweater I made but have yet to wear.  My sister is modeling it because she is smaller and it looks better on her.   She isn't getting it though!

 Towel toppers for the holiday towels I have had in a box for two years.

 I love the colors in this scarf.

I have made more hats in different styles but haven't taken pictures of them yet.  The burgundy and white hat is being dropped off this evening in exchange for some money. Yep.  I actually sold it to her instead of my usual "Sure, I can make you one",  the transaction was made by Austin, "My mom will make you one for 15 bucks." Or something like that.  SOLD!  


M-Cat said...

LOVE that sweater! You are a talented gal!

Amy said...

Thank you!

Cynthia said...

You are GOOOOODDD! Melanie is rocking that sweater! 'Course, she could rock a burlap sack and still be hot but the sweater is fabulous. I could NEVER make something like that. I'm so impressed!

Maiken said...

All of your projects are awesome! The colors in that scarf are just lovely, those hats are wonderful, and those afghans are so comfy looking!