Friday, September 2, 2011

Finally Friday

I had a whole rambling thing about why work sucked this week but decided no one wants to hear about that.  My brain is too mushed up to come up with anything more than little snippets of thoughts.  Please enjoy the randomness for which this blog was named:

1 - One of my favorite bloggesr is Jo . She makes me laugh and no matter how long I am away from blogger, I will always read everyone of her past posts.  If it weren't for Jo, I never would have met M-Cat at Culver's.  M-Cat being another of my favorite bloggers.

2 - I've discovered that under stressful situations I become more assertive. I am better at articulating what I expect and defining what I will and will not do.  Now if I can work that into the everyday, it would be a great thing. 

3 - The new has been talking about an attack on a gay man outside of a gay club in Salt Lake.  It ticks me off that he was attacked  for minding his own business.  No one should get beaten for any reason.  The news keeps talking about it possibly being a "hate crime".  I HATE the term hate crime.  It implies that an attack on a minority is worse than an attack on a member of the majority.   In my opinion anytime a person is a victim of a violent crime there is hate involved.  Hate towards the person being attacked or hate  at persons or circumstances that have no relation to the victim.  Vicious beatings all come down to hate.  Let's not say it is worse for one person that it would be for another.

4 - Conspiracy theorist drive me nuts.  I am watching a show about Conspiracy theorist or "Truthers" theories about the attacks on 9/11. 

5 - I think roses are like vampires in that they need blood to survive.  I am scratched an poked from trying to tame Grandma's rose garden last night.

6 - I finally have my new laptop for work. I am even using it now.  It is so  nice to have working equipment. 

7 - Speaking of laptops, my son needs his own.  Our laptop is geriatric in technological terms.  The battery heats up to within 10 degrees of the temperature of the sun.  For his birthday he wants money to go to a laptop or iTunes gift cards.

8 - This month my son turns 17 on the 17th.

9 - I want to make the good fudge they sell at Cabela's. 

10 - I am going to try and find some nummy fudge recipes.

Have a good weekend, friends!


M-Cat said...

Love the randomness and thanks for the shout out! I love me some Jo too! And the best? Meeting you!!

Cynthia said...

I think you should make some of that fudge for Monday! LOL! I have always wanted to make good fudge too but I have sucked at it every time I've tried! When you figure it out, teach me.

It's always fun to meet bloggers IRL. How awesome for you to meet up with some of the gals who make this stuff fun!

Mom of 12 said...

I've never had Cabela's fudge, but I have an awesome recipe for you on my blog! Basically chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla...foolproof and delicious!