Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Shocking....

After my last post,  Holly and Jo both said, "You must explain."  I imagined the ladies quizzically looking at the post thinking, "What the hell is she talking about?" 

First, I'll show you the new hair color. 

I know you really wanted to see a close up of my hair.  Made your day, didn't it.
 Every time I make a trip to the salon, I have my stylist, Nikki, give me high frequency scalp treatment.  I am not sure exactly how it works but it basically gives my scalp a little shock.  It isn't uncomfortable and she can adjust how strong it it.  She combs a wand through my hair, across my scalp, and I try not to fall asleep.   It is supposed to stimulate hair growth.  So far my hair hasn't gotten a lot longer although it probably would if I went in more than every 6 weeks or so, but it has gotten a little bit thicker.  I have a lot of little baby hairs all over.  Whether or not I am seeing great results, it is the best 5-minute scalp massage ever. 

Nikki has a couple of clients who have lost their hair or have thinning hair due to cancer treatments or other heath problems.  Regular high-frequency treatments have helped them with their hair regrowth.  Of course, unlike me, these ladies come in at least once a week. 

Apparently, this is something that you can do to improve your skin also.

Since I am not doing a very good job of explaining, here is a LINK that might give you more insight - or just confuse you further.  


just call me jo said...

I need a shock treatment on my brain too. It looks lovely. I like the red in it. I don't need more hair. I need it textured or something. Thanks for explaining. You're a good woman.

Holly said...

Oh, ok, I get it now. I've never heard of such a thing. Thanks for explaining. Also, it's good to see your cute little face!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Grasshopper. Now we know for sure. Cute haircut, cute you, cute story. Although I'd be a bit skeered to have that treatment!

Thanks for poppin' over to see me!

M-Cat said...

LOVE the hair color! LOVE!

And I think I better not even TRY the high frequency. I may love it so much and then will never be able to afford it on a regular basis..

Anonymous said...

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