Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back In The Real World

I left the worries of the real world behind at approximately 3:30 last Friday afternoon.  I met my friend at his work and we headed to Moab, pulling a fifth-wheel and trailer loaded with 4-wheelers.  We were greeted by friends, cold beverages, and a roaring camp fire when we finally pulled into camp.  I watched as the men helped get the fifth-wheel situated, and then I went to bed.  I was a wee bit tired. 

Saturday was beautiful weather, though the breeze made it a little chilly.  We did NOTHING all day.  My friend was a little tired from a long week at work and I was more than willing to do nothing. 

After breakfast and an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos, everyone but the two of us packed up and headed home.  I packed a few sandwiches and some water into the four-wheelers and my friend and I went for a nice ride.  We found this beautiful canyon where we sat and ate our lunch.

After lunch we headed to a place called "Area BFE" where a rock crawling competition was held the day before.  There were a few people out there in their supped up jeeps climbing the hills and rocks, so we sat and watched for awhile. 

Not the best picture but below the power lines there were a couple of jeeps crawling up the rocks.
 Monday morning we cleaned up, hooked up the fifth-wheel and four-wheeler trailer and had everything ready to go before we went for another ride.  We didn't have much time as the real world was screeching towards us but we took an hour to enjoy the scenery.

After 3 nights of perfect sleep and 2 1/2 worry free days, I was back in the real world at 3:30 on Monday afternoon. 

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just call me jo said...

The real world, huh. I guess that's the one I'm stuck with too.
I'm struggling a bit with mine right now.