Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Strong Wind

It's a tad windy tonight.  As I have been sitting here, trying to catch up on blog land a strong gust blew something somewhere creating a house rattling thud. 

I called on the man of the house to check things out.  One of the pleasures of having a teenage boy around.  It was nothing in my small yard so I am assuming it was the neighbors.  I will rest easy.

Speaking of neighbors - I live in a townhouse nestled snugly between two others.  I had a thought the other night that just on the other side of my walls live two families that I do not know.  Two families with their own struggles, drama, joys, and hardships.  I been hearing an infant cry occasionally, when I have been in the downstairs bathroom. (For some reason that is the only room where I hear anything happening next door.) Today, the family was outside and I realized they had a baby sometime in the past month or so.  I have lived her for 5 months and never noticed she was pregnant though I see her everyday when the bus drops off her son. 

I try not to feel guilty for being less than neighborly.  Perhaps I should make an effort to get to know them.  First I need to get past them using the guest parking spot in front of my house as a personal space for their 3rd car. 

Something just slammed outside again.  I am going to assume it was a neighbors back door.  I will ignore it just like I ignore so many other sounds.  Instead I will listen to the wind through my open window and tap tap tap of the rain that has just started to fall. 


Cynthia said...

And as I sit here reading your post I am hearing the same sounds. Love it! What a gorgeous spring we're having! I'm sure we'll pay for it this summer but I'm loving the warm/hot weather that's broken up every few days by rain.

And you may as well meet your neighbors- maybe you can even steal some baby cuddle time eventually and we both know that borrowing and returning babies is the best!

Pearl said...

Ah, there's nothing like a stiff wind to keep things exciting, is there? That slamming screen door freaks me out every time.


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Bring them a baby gift!

Have you reported the use of the space? Part of the reason I ended up buying a home, even though it would have been far easier to be in a townhome is because stuff like that makes me nuts!