Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bears....Oh my!

Friday afternoon after unpacking all of our camping gear and setting up the tents, Mr. Forest Ranger stopped by.

FR: Did you get the phone call?
Me: What call?
FR: There was a bear spotted in the area last week and we have been calling to let people know. 
Me: Oh...
FR: It is your choice to stay here but we have to warn you.  I don't think he is still in the area.  But he was in the camp across the road last weekend.  Do you want to move?
Me: (Looking around.  Talking to dad.  Thinking about the odds that the bear is still around) We'll stay.
FR: Okay.  I really think it has left the area.  You should be fine.

Mom:  I am scared to death of bears.
Me: (Hands mom my pepper spray) Keep this with you if you want.
Mom: I don't think I would be able to use it.  I would be too scared.
Me:  Don't worry.  You have the pepper spray and Dad and I have our guns.  You'll be okay.
Mom: Whatever. 

There were no  bears....at least not last weekend...that we saw anyway.

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Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

That happened to us more than once... one time, the bear was in the site next to us because the people didn't secure their food.

Of course, we also had bears in our neighborhood up north... who needs to go camping to see a bear? Apparently not me! :-)