Thursday, February 26, 2009


On Monday I had the opportunity to take my Grandma Nielson and Aunt Sandra to the LDS Temple in Draper. This is my second time visiting the temple and normally we would have to park at one of the churches in Draper, watch a short video, then take a bus up to the temple. Instead when I told the gentlemen at our designated church that my Grandma has a hard time walking long distances he sent up straight up to the temple. Once there were able to park close enough that it was a short walk for Grandma to where they have wheelchairs. From that point on I pushed her around the temple in a wheelchair

At first she was reluctant to use the wheelchair - said they make her feel old. But we convinced her it would be a good thing and I believe in the end she was glad she had one - even parking at the temple there was a lot of walking. Fortunately, being the klutz that I am, I didn’t run her into anything!

Seriously, I was a bit worried about running my poor Grandmother into walls, doorways, and furniture. The last time I pushed someone in a wheelchair was at the airport when my Grandma and her sister Luella came back from a trip to Georgia. I was pushing Aunt Lu and I think I ran her into everything. However, at the temple I managed to keep my Grandma from running into anything or anyone.

I love simple wins!

Coming home we chose to try the new road connecting Alpine and Draper. What an amazing view from up there! It’s a wonder how good Utah Lake looks from a distance.

The temple and drive were nice but what I really enjoyed about the day was spending time with my Grandma and Aunt. It may seem strange to some people but I really do enjoy hanging out with Grandma. When my Grandma and mom go to my Aunt’s house in Mt. Pleasant I try to tag along whenever possible. I’ve taken a trip with her to Montana and a couple of times up to Pocatello.

Over the last few years I have gotten to know her so much more than I had before and feel blessed that she is still around so that I have these opportunities. I think my Grandma is a wonderful lady and I hope when I am her age my grandchildren will think the same of me.

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Cynthia said...

I don't know how I missed this entry before. I'll just say "LUCKY!" When I am her age, I hope I'm a lot like Grandma. I love how she was willing to move to a new home and 'start over'. I think it's so great that she still gets out, even if it is getting harder, and LIVES. I'm so glad you got to go and spend some time with her. I wish I could.

Have you seen the book Nicki did about Grandma's life? You cannot read it without being completely amazed at all she's been through. I had no idea how destitute they were. Did you know she met Grandpa because he hopped a train from here to Idaho? Yep. Grandpa was a Hobo! Awesome! If you haven't read it, you need to. I can't believe she's sane after having 10 kids in 13 years. I'm barely sane with 3.