Sunday, February 7, 2010

10 Reasons

For my new start tomorrow, I decided to write a list of ten reasons why I want to lose weight. The first two: feel better and look better cover enough ground on their own but are too general. I want to be specific.

10 Reasons to Lose Weight
1- Feel better
2- Look better
3- Not be out of breath walking in from the parking lot at work.
4- Buy cute jeans
5- Make the outside as beautiful as the inside
6- Look amazing in a swimsuit
7- Be healthy
8- No longer feel self conscious about my weight
9- Shop with my sisters and not feel like the "fat" one
10- Get ready for a date and not worry about whether or not the shirt makes me look big.

Numbers four and nine are related. Last Saturday I went to the mall with my two sisters. When you consider weight alone, both of my sisters could almost fit into one of me. I saw a pair of jeans I love but they only go up to a size 13.

Me: When I am smaller I am going to buy these jeans if they still have them.
Sister 2: If I can't find some jeans at such and such place, I am coming back to get these.

She did go back to get the jeans and wore them at the Superbowl party today. I know this shouldn't bother me but it does just a little. I am really tired of not being able to buy clothes that I think are cute only to see my sister wearing them.

Number ten relates to the clothing drama from my date on Friday. The drama wasn't as bad as usual but it was still a worry for a large part of the day. Instead of looking forward to the date, I was trying to decide which outfit would be the most flattering.

Number five is there because I know that no matter how beautiful a person is on the inside, many, many people don't take the time to look past the exterior. I think who I am inside is a beautiful, loving, and fabulous woman (at least I try to remind myself of this) and although I may never think my outside is as beautiful, feeling confident in how I look will help bring out more of the inner beauty.

All in all, I simply want to feel better in every aspect. This is just one.

Now I promise to try not to post about my weight loss woes all of the time but I do appreciate your reading them and your support. Just by posting this I have to be accountable (even if it is only in my own mind) for what I am doing.


linda said...

You've got a great list and I'm right there with ya! I want the same goals for myself (except for #10 cuz I'm married. Haven't had a date in over 30 years!)

Like I've mentioned, I've been watching myself very closely for the last 3 weeks. Not much progress so far so any advice you could give along the way would greatly be appreciated. We girls need to support each other!

Have a great week!

just call me jo said...

First off, I love the quote by Stevenson...true, true...
You know I empathize with your list and your feelings about the weight thing. May your sister some day understand how it hurts seeing some one else easily get what she so badly wants and can't fit into. Poo on her! (Me and my Christian love again. ;o)
All the items on your list are spot on. It's like I need to tattoo them on my brain, however. No matter how logical self-image and self-control are they some how end up kicking my butt when I try to improve.
I will follow your progress and try to boost you up when you need it. (Like I know the answers!)

Pam said...

I want to lose some weight too. My problem is that I love to eat sweets and I don't like to exercise. I need motivation.

Amy said...

Linda - If something I do actually works I will be sure to let you know.

Jo - I like your brand of Christian love. :) Reminds me a little of myself.

Pam - I have been searching for motivation for a while now. I just finally decided I needed to do something. I hope my list helps me. I taped it to my bedroom mirror so I can see it everyday.

Cynthia said...

I totally feel you on #9! The day I got to hand off the title of "Fattest Sister" to Megan was huge for me (sorry Meg!)

I've ALWAYS been the fat one. Sigh. At least you have fabulous long legs and the POTENTIAL to be super hot (as opposed to the merely hot you are now). I, sadly, have neither!

Amy said...

Oh Cynthia, I will always be the fat sister for two reasons: 1)I inherited the most unflattering genes from all sides of my family; and 2) I REALLY don't want to be that skinny.

And you are Hot! I love your profile picture.