Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Little of This and a Little of That

I just finished watching Canadian Joannie Rochette skate the short program in the Olympics. Talk about a tear jerker, I think even the announcer was crying a little. I know her Mom must be so proud of her. Joannie skated beautifully and the ovation at the end was well deserved. I am not sure I would have the same emotional strength. My heart goes out to her and her father.
As I was cleaning my house on Saturday, I had a brilliant idea for a post all about my fabulous life. A fabulous Saturday full of cleaning – the dog, the kitchen, the bathroom, the whole house. As you can tell from my lack of posts recently, the writing of that post did not happen. When I finished cleaning the house, I finally took my shower for the day and at 5 pm; I did the hair and makeup as if I were going out for a fabulous evening on the town. No such evening was planned but I needed the pick me up. I did visit a friend so my efforts were not totally wasted.  I almost forgot the "best" part of day - walking into a kitchen chair leg.  I think I may have fractured a toe. Ouch!
Where I'll be this weekend!

Last Tuesday my brother called to ask me to watch my nephews this Thursday and Friday when he and his wife go to Las Vegas for the NASCAR race. The next evening my friend called to invite me to go with them to Las Vegas for the NASCAR race. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I only felt a twinge of guilt when I called my brother to let him know I wouldn’t be able to help out with the kids.

I leave tomorrow and will not be back until Monday night. My friends are taking their fifth wheel down and we are staying at the track so no cost for a hotel room. We’ve planned all of our meals in advance and will only be eating in a restaurant one night. There are seven of us going – five adults and two teenagers making my portion of the total food cost a mere $27. My youngest brother will be staying at my house with my son which means I don’t need to worry – at least not too much – about my son, the dog, and the house.

I have never been to a race before and can hardly wait for the race on Sunday but I am looking forward to a relaxing vacation just as much. I hate the packing though but I will save that for another post.
Sometimes it is hard to look at the blessings in life and remember what a blessing children are. My son is the greatest blessing I have in my life. He is an amazing kid. Rarely does he complain – even when I joke about him being my dishwasher. Tonight he fixed dinner and did the dishes – without my asking - so that I could try solving my packing dilemma. He is my biggest cheerleader and when I didn’t want to go to my exercise class last night because of my sore toe, he told me to “Suck it up and go anyway” and practically shoved me out the door. And when I complain that I don’t think all of my hard work in trying to lose weight is paying off, he lies and tells me I look like I am losing weight. When I asked if he was okay with me going on a vacation without him he said, “Mom, you deserve a vacation. Go and have fun.” I hope I do enough to let him know what a wonderful person he is.

Austin goofing off for the camera
I will end my randomness and leave you until next week. Have a great rest of the week and weekend. I’ll take plenty of pictures and share them when I get home.


just call me jo said...

Hey, lady, we're going to LV to NASCAR too. We went to our first race two years ago and were hooked. LV is the best track. Much better than Phoenix.
Lucky you to stay in an RV. We'll be at our daughter's and can't go Fri. becuase of Rick's new job. Friday was my favorite day before because it's more laid back and the jets from Nellis fly over like an air show all day.
We're in the Dale Earnhart section. There's no way I'd ever find you there--it's crazy. But at least we know we're in the same huge place at the same time. Raise the roof...!!
Have fun. The food at the race track is horrible and expensive. Even the sodas and water cost a mint. Try to smuggle your own in if you can.
Cheer for Kyle Bush and Tony Stewart...or whoever you like. We will there. Go fast!!!

Megan Rees said...

What a great son you've got! And my, he's so handsome! He always was a handsome kid, even when he was little. But I guess I just haven't seen him for a LOOOONG time. It's kinda scary. It doesn't seem that long ago that he was a little boy. My baby is going to grow up too fast! Have fun in Vegas!

Pam said...

Owwww! Sorry to hear about your toe. I hope you have a fabulous tijme in Vegas!

Jackie said...

I hope you have a great vacation...sounds like a lot of fun. Your son sounds like a great kid...which means you've done a good job.

Look forward to hearing about the race. My husband drove a nascar last year at one of the driving schools and it was so much fun being there... I hope to get to an actual race one of these days.


myletterstoemily said...

what an amazing son you have! he probably
has a pretty great mom!

have fun at the races.

Cynthia said...

That picture of Austin is FREAKING ME OUT! He looks like a MAN!!!! We are NOT that old!

You've done such an amazing job raising a great son. You are justifiably proud. I am proud by association. If I don't do something different, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to say such glowing things about my boy. I'm giving him too much and requiring too little. It's bad for both of us. Thanks for inspiring me to step it up with my own boy.