Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Inspiring People - Richard Simmons

I've been trying to update my "Quote of the Week" each Sunday but this week I'm updating it today. Why? Because today when I was getting dressed, I turned on the Dr. Oz show and there in all of his sparkly tank-top glory was Richard Simmons.  You can see him here.

According to the numbers on the show Richard Simmons has helped people lose 3,000,000 pounds since he started his program back in the early 70's.  THREE MILLION!!!! That is a lot of weight and a lot of success for a lot of people. 

I admit I was tearing up as I watched him.  He seems like such a genuine person.  He is funny and he can laugh at himself.   I know we all like to make fun of the afro, the tank-tops, and booty shorts but underneath all of that is a strong desire to help people. He has been there and knows what it is like to be overweight.  He isn't a skinny super model or body builder with a workout video.  He laughs and tries to make working out  fun and accessible to people of all abilities.  Heck, if I had a couple thousand dollars, I would be signed up for his cruise this year.  How fun would that be?

If you get a chance, check out the Richard Simmons website here. You can read his daily message (today's was about crunches and push-ups) and subscribe to his monthly newsletter.

For all of the reasons above (and I am sure there are many more), I am adding Richard Simmons to my list of inspiring people. 

Who inspires you?


Cynthia said...

You know, I really respect him for the work he's done with the SUPER obese. The folks in the 500+ range. The people no one else would even try to save. And he's there, working with those folks. They are usually poor so he can't make money off selling them supplements etc.

He is the Orginal "Biggest Loser" trainer. Except kinder and more melodramatic.

just call me jo said...

I'm with you, I think Richard Simmons is honestly a nice man who understands weight problems and the feelings of those who suffer. He is adorable and funny to watch.
He's kept his weight off a loonng time, too.
I read in the paper yesterday that on "The Biggest Loser" during the last week the candidates work out for 12 hrs. a day and only eat 700 calories a day. Well, sheesh! I could lose a ton too if I followed that regime, but how long could I keep it up and keep the weight off? Weight is such a struggle.
Thanks for the idea about planting tulips inside. I'll try that next spring. I didn't think of it this year.

myletterstoemily said...

he really is just so lovable and sincere.

will check out his website.

thank you!

Megan Rees said...

Yay for Richard Simmons! I remember a few years back he was on David Letterman, and Letterman was SO rude to him. Not funny-rude, but just RUDE. I was so mad. What has LETTERMAN ever done to help people? Sure, Simmons is fruity but he's harmless and helpful. So suck it, Letterman! I feel better now.

Pam said...

I like Richard Simmons. He does seem like a nice guy. I'll check out his website.