Monday, April 12, 2010

New Neighbors

On Saturday, I spent most of the day outside burning tree limbs, leaves, weeds, etc.  My neighbor's came over to help and add all of their tree limbs and yard clippings to the fire pile.  This was a great opportunity to get to know them a little better, after all we have been neighbors for three years, so it was about time. Don't you think?  Because of their help I was able to get a lot more finished than I had originally planned and the husband, Cory, tended the fire throughout the afternoon and evening.  It was a BIG and HOT fire. 

Since we had a raging fire going, I decided to make Hobo dinners.  You know the kind where you take meat and potatoes or whatever you want, wrap it in tin-foil and cook it on the hot coals.  My son was at his dad's house and I had plenty of meat thawed out so I invited my friend John over for dinner.   We decided to eat on the porch because the weather was wonderful and it was such a nice evening. 

Across the street there were new neighbors moving in.  I was told by my other neighbors that these people are related to them in some way - I can't remember how.  While John and I were relaxing on the porch, the lady moving in across the street yelled, "Do you have a problem with me and my kids?"

Bewildered, John and I looked at each other and he responded, "I didn't say anything towards you or your kids."

The rest of the encounter went something like this:

Neighbor:  "If you have a problem with kids you can just get used to it because we are moving in!"

John: "I don't even live here."

Neighbor: "Good. Then maybe you should just go home."

Neighbor: "If you don't like kids maybe you should move into a trailer park with old people."

Me: "I live here and I happen to like kids."

She disappeared into the house. 

A few minutes later we notice a man walking from the neighbors house into my back yard.  John and I went to check it out and found him talking to my neighbor, Cory.  Cory had been waving to the new neighbors (since he knows them) and thought they saw him in the backyard.  The little kids were running out into the road and being a smart aleck, Cory yelled over, "Can't you control your kids?"  John and I hadn't heard this part and apparently the new neighbors hadn't seen him in my yard.

Once Cory realized what had happened he quickly pulled out his phone and called the new neighbors to tell her to shut the heck up because he was the one who started it all.

Regardless of what was said by us or not said, I thought this was a great way to meet the new neighbors.  I considered walking across the street to introduce myself, saying, "Hi, my name is Amy. I like kids but not loud mouth, rude people that yell at me and my company."   But that isn't how I work.  I figure by the way she scurried into the house she might be a bit embarrassed by her behavior. Also, she is obviously a mother bear thinking she needed to defend her cubs. Plus she was moving which is always stressful. 

I think I will give it a few days then walk over and introduce myself as if the across the road yelling had never occurred. 


just call me jo said...

Way to be the bigger person. I, on the other hand, would hold a grudge to my death and never like them. That's how I roll. Bitter and mean, that's me.

Megan Rees said...

I think you are being great about it. I'm sure she's totally embarassed. I think it's a great idea to go over there and give her a chance. Otherwise--awkwardness FOREVER. Besides, then you can find out who she really is--a mother stressed out on moving day, or a big mouth jerk. Then at least you know what you are dealing with!

Katie said...

Wowzers....what a crazy start. Hopefully things will get better with her.