Sunday, April 17, 2011

Joy Ride

One of the many great things about where I live is my proximity to the mountains. From my house I can walk up the canyon road and in just a few minutes be surrounded by nature or I can hop on the four-wheeler and quickly be on the many trails and roads in the foothills; I don't even have to load it onto a trailer and drive there...I just ride  from the house.   This is exactly what a friend and I did a couple of days ago.  

The weather has been iffy here lately: one day it is a beautiful, warm spring day and the next we wake up to snow.  On one of the beautiful days we headed out about 4 in the afternoon and spent several hours riding the trails.  Although, we were never more than 5 miles from home as the crow flies, we traveled a distance of about 20 miles.  During one of our rare stops, I laid out along the seat, resting my head on the pack behind the seat and my legs stretched over the little dashboard.  I closed my eyes and simply listened to the quiet.  I could have stayed like that for hours.  Instead we headed back out on the trails, exploring every single off shoot until it ended or met with another. We saw  deer, squirrels, rabbits, and not another soul.  It was a perfect day to visit nature.  I even managed to take a few pictures with my phone.  Ignore my poor photography skills, please.

An old mine shaft

My little town

View from one of our stops


M-Cat said...

I love the mountains. As much as I complain about spring in my world, I still LOVE my mountains.

And what bad photography? I think the pics are great!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Great views.... what a fabulous place to live... good for you for taking the time to appreciate it!

Cynthia said...

Beautiful! Greg really wants to get a 4-wheeler. Maybe someday...

I am SO ready for warm weather and so frustrated it isn't coming. Sigh.