Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am finally ready to admit it...I am a procrastinator.  I even procrastinate my plan to stop procrastinating.  Today I told myself that tomorrow I would stop procrastinating and do everything that has been piling up.  Why not do it today?  No good reason.  Just didn't want to.  See procrastination.  And I need to stop typing procrastination because the more I do the more it just look like a really weird word.  However, tomorrow I will do better than I did today, I even plan to write a list of things to do but it is kind of late so maybe I should do that tomorrow as well. 

I saw this quote the other day: "Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm."  Perhaps lack of enthusiasm accounts for not only my depression but also my procrastination.  Really, I don't procrastinate the things I want to do, only the things I have to do.   Okay...That's a lie.  There are things I want to do that I still procrastinate.  I have a whole list.  Maybe someday I will share that list. I know I have mentioned the list before but haven't gotten around to posting it.

Maybe tomorrow, I stop procrastinating and even blog about my success.  But maybe I'll wait until Friday.  We'll see how enthusiastic I am about it.


Cynthia said...

I always find the threat of public humiliation gets me off center with the procrastination thing! So publically commit to a list on your blog then report back what parts you've done. Tomorrow, of course!

just call me jo said...

Tomorrow is a delightful day--until it becomes today. I too am a depresso/procrastinator/doofus/etc/etc
I still like us. Good luck with the list.