Friday, April 8, 2011

Productivity is exhausting

Wednesday night after my Procrastination post I made a list of everything I needed to get done on Thursday.  I made it through the majority of the list.  Adding my backlog (really not as bad as I make it sound) and an unusually busy workday, I spent about 10 hours siting at the computer in my home office.  I wanted to be productive but not necessarily that productive yet I still managed to complete the few home related tasks on the list as well.  Yay Me! 

Today was an equally productive day.  A few morning meetings, a report to create, lunch, and an afternoon meeting with more report work.  Phew.  Not done yet though.  Lunch was with my Mom, one of my sisters, and sister-in-law to celebrate my Mom's 60th birthday.  Seriously, she does not look 60.  Then there were a few errands, a stop at the tux place for my son to pick up and try on his tux, the grocery store, a pick up for the corsage, a 30 mile round trip to take the son to his dad's then home to more work in the home office.  Productivity is exhausting. 


just call me jo said...

But you were productive. I sat around all day and bitched about books and ate almonds. That can't be good. Have a good weekend.

M-Cat said...

You are right. I got tons done today and am absolutley exhausted. I think I want to spend the rest of the weekend doing nothing or simply playing!

Cynthia said...

No kidding! I have been avoiding my voicemail and it's making me anxious. I know I need to just deal with it but I'm so good at putting it off!

I agree that your Mom does NOT look 60!

Cynthia said...

Oh- and I think you should reward yourself with some quality, non-productive time!