Thursday, July 7, 2011

Because Mom Said To...

I am going to the doctor tomorrow.  I tried to get in today but the old fart is out of the office.  I have to settle for the nurse practitioner tomorrow.  Hopefully she will have a magic cure for what ails me but more likely she will tell me it is something that just needs to run its course and I will be out my $30 co-pay.  I miss the $10 co-pay days.

Yesterday I bought some Sudafed and felt like a drug dealer buying cold medicine to make meth.  Apparently you have to buy this stuff at the pharmacy counter where you fill out a form with you name, address, and birth date.  Then they need to see a picture ID and get your drivers license number.  I was preparing for a TSA pat down, but thankfully it didn't come down to that.  Today it was back to the store for Robitussin for the cough.  The Robitussin bottle agreed with my mom about the doctor. It said,  "Stop use and ask a doctor if: cough lasts more than 7 days". 
The good news is that I don't think whatever ails me is contagious.  Grandma doesn't show any signs of my mystery cold/illness.

We have had some monsoonal moisture the last few days, which basically means humidity and thunderstorms.  Nothing like the  "haboob" Jo posted about in Arizona but more enjoyable.

I am crossing my fingers and toes that my cold and the rain will miraculously disappear before Saturday afternoon so that I can enjoy the Kenny Chesney concert without coughing, snorting, hacking, or becoming drenched.

I am going to rest on the couch for the rest of the evening and try not to lose a lung.  


just call me jo said...

OMG, you get to see Kenny Chesney? Oh, excuse me, of course I'm concerned for your health, but, really, Kenny?? Just suck it up, woman. You'll be in the same vicinity as Kenny!! I'm just kidding. I care about your welfare, sure I am. I paid $120 for my last doctor's check up. My insurance is pathetic. Hope you feel better. Do take pictures at the concert...Oh, and good luck at the doc's.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Oh I hope you feel better! A friend bought me a Kenny Chesney ticket for my birthday. I"m supposed to go next month!

Anonymous said...

How I missed Kenny coming to town, I will never know....hope you were feeling well enough