Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Oy!  I am so frustrated.  I spent a couple of hours (Yes! Hours!) writing a post on Tuesday about the Sawyer Brown concert Monday night.  It was cute, it was witty, it was like reading a story.  I even added a little youtube video.  I hit the "Publish Post" button and saw the message that my post was published.  I didn't check. I was pretty tired of the computer.  Today I discovered that my post did not post at all.  It was saved as a draft though.  I opened it to edit for a post today, and only a small part of the post was there.  I don't think I have the desire to try and re-write the whole damn thing. So, in summary, Sawyer Brown puts on a fun show. I went with Mixer Man.  It rained..... A LOT!  Show started an hour and a half late.  It rained...A LOT!  Lost my Drivers Licence on a trip to the bathroom.  Good samaritan turned it in.  IT RAINED.  Fireworks accompanied the show, though not by the place holding the show.  It was a holiday in Utah, every Tom, Dick, Harry and Betty Sue were doing fireworks.  IT RAINED...ALOT.  I didn't win a drawing for $100 to Ruth's Chris.  IT RAINED.  And Sawyer Brown is a lot of fun to watch...even in the rain.

I have been storing up my random thoughts this week.  Have a peek:

1- I want to go skinny dipping. Find a very secluded lake, stream, river, horse trough, or puddle; strip down under the stars and let the water wash over me. If you hear a story in the news of  whale siting in Utah, then you will know I have done this and the place was not secluded enough.

2- Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a recorder attached to my brain so that I could play back all of the random, wise, and stupid thoughts I have during the day.  Since I often think of stories or have dreams that read like a novel, I could probably become a successful writer.

3 - I need to go shooting. My aim is terrible and…well, I just need to go shoot a piece of paper, a box, my computer, something non-living, my computer.

4 - I was pruning the rose bushes which made me to think of – well – roses. As flowers go they are pretty high maintenance, thorny, snobby, pretentious bitches. Sure they are beautiful and smell fantastic when they bloom but get too close and touch the stem just wrong and you’ll bleed. I would not want to be compared to a rose. I am neither high maintenance nor thorny. I am simple and friendly with a hidden wild side. More like a daisy or a non-poisonous wild flower. Yep. That is what I am.

5 -I have been reading, Julia’s Chocolates and The Last Time I Was Me by author Cathy Lamb. I love this ladies writing. She is funny, witty, sarcastic, and down to earth all while dealing with some pretty serious stuff. My take away is that no matter what life throws at you, you can always fight back, survive, and live on your own terms. Her stories include some random nakedness, quirky characters, wise women, and a little craziness. Her writing style reminds me of my bloggy friend Jo (except for the naked parts). Jo, you should read these books.

6 - My favorite quote this week:
“When you’re sad or depressed, you might as well get something done. Pretty soon, you’re not sad or depressed, and darned if things aren’t done.” - Aunt Lydia, Julia’s Chocolates


just call me jo said...

You are so sweet to compare me to this interesting, sarcastic and successful author. I will check her work for sure. I really am a lot like that except for the interesting and successful parts. I got plenty of sarcasm. (Maybe I'll have to dig up some nakedness from my past life. I actually have skinny dipped in a lake when I was 20-something. Nuff said... ;o)
Did it rain much at Sawyer Brown concert? I wasn't quite clear. Did they sing "Smokin' Hot Wife"? I heard it on the radio today. They were playing it after talking about the NASCAR prayer last week. Sorry about the post lost. I'm sure it was delightful and witty and fun. I'll just imagine it here in my mind's eye while I fix dinner. I wish I had been able to read it in its original form.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I'm glad you had fun at the concert... I've had that happen and it's so frustrating! I realized last week that I haven't been skinny dipping since I was a kid... what made me realize it? My mother looked at my sister and her almost husband sitting in our living room and said, (out of nowhere)"You two should go skinny dipping!" AWKWARD... and no, they didn't! I'm so with you on #2!