Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday night again...

Which means Monday is a mere hour away.  I know I should be sleeping soundly. But sleep eludes me lately.  I am not under a lot of stress.  I am not feeling particularly anxious.  I just can't sleep.  But oh well,  I will take a nap mid afternoon tomorrow and all will be well.

My NASCAR pick for today's Brickyard 400 was Tony Stewart.  I was worried when Austin and I came back from a trip to the store and saw that he was in about 29th position.  Due to some pit stops and yellow flags he made it to 1st but alas, he did not have enough fuel and had to make a pit stop.  He finished 6th which wasn't too bad for my points but I am still about 50 points from the leader in our little NASCAR points match.  I chose Jimmie Johnson for next week and the man better not let me down. 

The top 4 people in our little NASCAR points game are women.  Mixer Man expressed his frustration that the "girls who know nothing about NASCAR" are winning.  If we had been in a more private area when he expressed his opinion, I may have done some bodily harm to the dolt.  As it was, I simply explained that I didn't know about the others but I DO watch the races and pay attention to who is doing well and not so well.  I watch how the pit crews are doing. AND I pay attention to the driver's past performance at the track.  I make informed decisions about my picks.  I do not ask my boyfriend/husband/friend/coworker/post man who HE thinks I should pick.   Mixer Man redeemed himself by telling me that he understood how I would be doing so well but not how certain other people were doing it.  My answer "Her husband tells her who to pick."

Jo may be the only one who cares about my NASCAR moving on.
Saturday was an action packed day.  We went to the grocery store then spent a couple of hours spreading mulch around the flower beds.  The mulch being Nutri-mulch found at the IFA (Intermountain Farmers) and consisting of turkey compost.  My son remarks that we spent the day spreading "turkey crap and stuff around the flowers".

While at the IFA, Austin found a Captain Jack rubber chicken toy for Indy.  It WAS a very cute $13 toy that the dog enjoyed for about 12 hours.  He would not let Austin take it away from him.  He loving lay next to it and protectively covered it with his front paws when Austin tried to get near it. That night he dragged it into his kennel with him.  Glaring at Austin if he dared try to take it.  Come morning, the poor chicken had lost it's head, toes, and the end of his peg leg.  The little bit of stuffing  was strewn about the kennel.  And I remembered why my dog does not get more toys. 

In the morning we take the Rolling Wreck Blazer to my mechanic so I should try to fight off the insomnia and get to bed. 

Have a great Monday!


just call me jo said...

Why, yes, I do enjoy your NASCAR talk. I'm amazed at how often "new" and somewhat inexperienced drivers are winning the Sprint races. I'm happy for these rookie drivers. I would like to see Tony and a few of the veterans win one. I'm glad Mixer Man redeemed himself somewhat. I might have to whup him up side the head. Good luck on the Rolling Wreck. Keep spreading that turkey sh**.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Hope you finally got some sleep. I got into NASCAR for a few years, but recently haven't watched much... I do watch football though! J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets!! Jets!!!