Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I tripped...

When Scott Pelley on the CBS Evening news said the captain of the sinking cruise ship used the excuse of "I tripped and fell into a lifeboat" or something like, I had to laugh.  As excuses go that one has got to be the lamest.  Couple the lame excuse with the conversation he had with the coast guard and I just nod my head.  Some people.  From now on when I do something really stupid I think I should use the excuse "I tripped and fell into a lifeboat." 

I spent some time with my Grandma yesterday.  Hit the Wal-mart, picked up some lunch, and helped her with a few things.  I kind of miss being with Grandma and unfortunately I don't get up to see her as often as I should.  I think the assisted living facility has been good for her.  She seems to move around a little easier.  Walks a little better.  I am sure it is because she has to be more mobile.  At meal times she has to walk down the hall, up the elevator, then down another hall.  It is the same for most of the activities as well.  I hate to say that when I was living with her, she spent way too much time in her chair.  She seems happy and well for which I am very grateful.

I never thought I would say this but my foot has become accustomed to long ice water soaks. I barely flinch when my foot hits the water.  Since I have been to the doctor, I no longer walk around like a crippled old woman.  I am enjoying pain free feet for the first time in almost a year.

Have you ever read a book that is so poorly written that you question why the heck it was published?  I am slogging through a book that has so many inconsistencies and character head hopping that I find myself going back to see if I missed something.  For example:  a conversation starts in the house, the dialogue, and character thoughts are continuous, then all of a sudden they are in the car.  When did they leave the house and get into the car?  Why didn't the conversation ever stop while they were getting settled into the car?  Seriously, I re-read the page 3 times to find out what I missed.  I didn't miss anything.  I don't know while I am still reading the book.  I suppose I am hoping the author will redeem herself.  I am losing hope.

I suppose I should do something productive...Pinterest here I come.


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I just got an invite to my BF's baby girl's baptism at the end of February and while I don't want to spend the $300 in gas to go, I'm thinking I should, because my own grandma is not doing well and I'm feeling the need to see her... all are in my hometown. I'm going to take a look at the school calendar and see if I can manage a day off.

Yes to the book question and I kept reading, hoping it will get better and it never did!

just call me jo said...

Sounds like you had a good visit with Grandma. I'm glad she's doing better. Mobility is so important. Many books annoy me. I keep wondering how they get published. Glad about your foot. Pin on!

mCat said...

I've been wondering about your Grandma, so it was nice to hear an update about her.

And yeah, that italian captain has got to be the stupidest person on the planet!