Sunday, January 15, 2012

That's cold....

As I write this, my foot is soaking in a bowl of ice water.

My foot.  Aren't those toenails cute?
On Friday, I finally went to the foot doctor for my heel pain.  Diagnosis: Plantar Fasciitis - Heelspur Syndrome. 

The treatment: a cortisone shot that nearly sent me jumping out of the chair, soaking my foot in ice water for 20 minutes twice a day, massage, stretching, medication,  and arch supports ($60 not cover by insurance by the way). 

I've known about the Plantar Fasciitis for a long time but the Heelspur is new.  Hopefully the treatment will work and I can walk without almost constant pain.  

The rest of the weekend was pretty good.  Dinner at Sizzler.  I love their salad bar.  A movie at home.  Reading. Laundry. Cleaning the car. Relaxing.  A little productivity and a little down time - all in good balance.


Holly said...

Oh OUCH! That hurts. I so help the injection helps, heel spurs can be sooo painful. Sounds like a nice weekend. We haven't been to a Sizzler in years but I did used to like their salad bar too. P.S. Come clean my car.

just call me jo said...

Your weekend sounds so peaceful and productive--minus the foot thing. That doesn't sound fun but I'm glad you're getting some relief. I hate pain. Insurance covers less and less for me now.