Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Mutterings

I didn't ice my feet today.  Bad girl. Warm feet.

I visited the website of one of the schools my son thinks he wants to attend.  I was fine until I looked at the student housing section.  I started to panic and logged off.  I need more time.  He in only a junior.  I don't need to stress too much right now.  Do not tell me otherwise. Please.

I am annoyed that news outlets and some stores are calling Martin Luther King Day MLK DAY.  What is the reason?  Is it easier to tweet, text, facebook MLK instead of Martin Luther King?  Whatever it is, I think it is a little disrespectful.  I wouldn't like people calling my birthday AHP day.

I am happy that is snowed today.  We have a few inches and I love it.  I'm sorry for you that don't enjoy the white stuff.  It won't last long.

Since I work at home and it gets awfully quiet, I turn on the History Channel and listen.  This morning they did a show about the Tuskegee Airmen.  I am ashamed at how these men were treated after coming home from the war.  They were hero's just the same as other pilots yet German prisoners of war were treated with more dignity and respect. 

I bought a Shake Weight.  It makes my body jiggle and my arms hurt.  Maybe it will work.  Right now my son is playing with it and looks a little like an uncoordinated chicken.  I guess you have to be here for that to make sense - or just use your imagination.

I finished Janet Evanovich's "Wicked Appetite" today.  It is a fun read.  Not too serious. Her books are a great way to escape from reality and laugh a little. That is about as much as a review as I can give right now.  My thoughts are a little random.  Can you tell?

Will head off to bed now and read myself to sleep with a new book.


just call me jo said...

Oops! I'm guilty of calling the day MLK. Sorry. Basically laziness. No disrespect intended. The can call my birthday anything they want if they want to celebrate it. (which no one ever does) I used to love Evonavitch and then she kind of lost my adoration. I don't know why. Just too much of the same over and over. You do know that her first book (One for the Money) is out in a movie that will open later this month!

mCat said...

I agree with you on the MLK thing. We are getting too lazy as a society. LOL, FML, B4, CU, RU - all acronyms because it's easier to do on our phones. But that doesn't mean it's okay