Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Yay! Post 200!. 
 Too bad I don't have something fabulous to blog about just some Random Ramblings.

My work day started horribly.  But the dog and I went for a walk to "blow the stink off" as Jo would say.  The rest of the day has been slightly better.

I haven't been in a very good mood lately.  In fact, you could call me Miss. Cranky Pants and it wouldn't be far off the mark.  I am cranky about work, taxes, politics, work, and a bunch of other stuff.  Any advice for getting rid of the cranky - ness?

In the past few weeks,  I have cut down on my Coke addiction. I even went an entire week without the cold, brown, bubbly goodness.  I lost a few pounds.  Now I have fallen off the wagon.  I thought the lack of caffeine was the cause my cranky-ness but I am back on the bubbles and still cranky.

I think I need a vacation.  I thought about going to Washington for a week.  It is being nixed.  I was going to go to a baseball tournament in southern Utah in March.  It is being nixed.  Why? Because I need to come up with money to pay taxes. 

I hate taxes.  The system is flawed.  'Nuff said...I could rant all day.  
On a more positive note...I am making a purse from a pattern I found on Pinterest.  It is almost done and will be way cute.

I also decorated a little bit for Valentine's day.  I usually don't. Not my favorite holiday. But I did this year.  See the cute garland I made for my railing.

And finally - NASCAR starts again soon.  The Budweiser Shootout is on the 18th and the Daytona 500 is on the 26th.  I would love to head to Vegas again for the race in March but ....maybe another year.  I am still excited.  I love me some stock car racing.


just call me jo said...

You know I have no solutions for crankiness. Wish I did! I'm cranky at some point almost every day. Who knows why! Taxes depress me too. Really a lot. Terribly! I like your garland. How cute! You crocheted that? Pats and hugs! Good job, lady. I can't break away from the brown bubbly. It would likely be the end of my existence as I know it. Just sayin'. NASCAR will cheer you up, I trust! Go fast! Turn left! It's that simple!

Cynthia said...

Taxes sucketh big time. It especially sucks that 51% of us get to pay for the other 49% who take more out than they put in. Sucketh!

I'm sorry you've got to pay, dang it! Greg and I missed out on an awesome honeymoon back in the day because he got nailed on taxes. We've been careful ever since to hold out a boatload so we don't have to pay but that's dumb too.

I don't have an answer on the cranky thing except to say you've got to find a way to get more fun into your life. I'm more cranky in general since I went back to work and I'm sure it's because fun/friendships/freetime are greatly reduced now.

mCat said...

Since I am on a first name basis with Miss Cranky Pants, I can totally relate.

And I can't even talk about taxes without my anger and adrenaline getting so riled that I need a xanax to chill out. We pay through the freakin arse! HATE

Ann Marie said...

Yay!!! Valentine Garland!!

Baby steps.

I think we all could use a vacation. All of us. ♥

Now.. I'm off to follow you on Pinterest...