Saturday, February 18, 2012

And it's on...

Just finished watching the first NASCAR race of the year.  Not an official points race.  That will be the Daytona 500 next week.  Tonight, it was the Budweiser Shootout.  It was only a 75 lap race but what a race it was: 4 big wrecks, Jeff Gordon sliding down the track on the driver side then barrel rolling to land upside down, and finally a last second pass by Kyle Busch for the win. 

I am not a Kyle Busch fan.  I have a hat with his name and number on it but only because it is black and pink, with the cute green M&M chick on it.  Back to the point, I am not a fan of his; however, I wasn't impressed with the fans who booed him when he got out of his car.  I am not a fan of booing.  I am sure I have done it a time or two....but still not a proponent.

The driver I picked to win the Daytona 500 didn't do too badly in tonight's race.  Hopefully, he will do well next week for me. Just for me.  I am sure he knows who I am and that I have faith in his ability to win at Daytona.  Yep, it is all about me. 

Now that the race is over, I need to finish packing.  I always wait until the last minute. If I don't, it takes me twice as long because I think about it too much.  If I don't have a ton of time to think about it, I do much better.  Sometimes procrastination can be a good thing.  Although I think I need to run to the store for toothpaste.  If I hadn't procrastinated, I wouldn't have to run a late night errand.  A double edged sword.

Have a great Sunday!


just call me jo said...

I am a Kyle fan, you know. He probably cries all the way to the bank when people boo him. Where are you going? I missed that some where. Safe travels.

Holly said...

Johnson, Gordon, and Stewart fan here. Anyone but Busch. I still wouldn't boo him though. As long as a race is won fairly, he deserves it. Have fun!!! (my word verification is: saliva)

mCat said...

First, sorry to hear about being sick and the ingrown toenail. Sucks. And smart girl to get on top of the living will etc. You never know what will happen and when, and the last thing you want is the WRONG person in charge.
And lucky girl for getting chocolates and a visit on Valentine's day : ) that would make any girl smile