Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sharing A Classic

Last Saturday, I introduced my niece Lexi to Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic Anne of Green Gables.  Growing up, this was one of my favorite books.  The first porcelain doll my Grandmother made for me is Anne of Green Gables.  Whenever I see the movie version on television, I hunker down on the couch and ignore whatever else needs to be done. 

When I showed Lexi the book I thought she would shrug her shoulders the way she does and want to run off to play.  Instead, after explaining a little bit about what Anne is like, Lexie sat in the chair with me and together we read the first chapter.  I would have kept going but my sisters and I had a movie to see.  As we read she kept asking where I was on the page, because she was following along and kept getting lost.  When I would stumble or lose my place, she would point out exactly where I was.  I told her that if she really likes the book, then she and I will have a girls only sleep-over and will watch the movie. 

Earlier this week my sister sent me a text, "Lexi loves that book.  She says we have to read two chapters every night."

I spoke to Lexi on the phone today and she stated  that she was only on chapter eight because she didn't read last night or the night before but she really likes the story.  When I asked if she was reading it or if her mom was reading it to her, she told me they were reading it together.  Her mom picks up when Lexi gets tired.  I might have to include my sister in the sleep over.

I am so happy that she is enjoying the book and is looking forward to having a sleep over with Aunt Amy.  I hope this book introduces her to the joys of reading and she continues to find more books she enjoys.

Not having a daughter of my own, I enjoy sharing my more girly interests with my two nieces.  Sissy is my crochet buddy and now Lexi can be my reading buddy. 

Now I really must clean my house but I am thinking I should head to the library and find the rest of the Anne series to enjoy after the housework is finished.


just call me jo said...

How old is your neice? She's so lucky to have an aunt that will encourage her to read good books. I just don't think vampires and werewolves will hold the classic quality like Anne. I am embarassed to admit I have never read "Anne of Green Gables." I must! Every time I watch "You've Got Mail" (which is way more often than I should) I think I should read it--with a box of kleenex... My daughter was a non-reader. More's the pity...I didn't get her to read anything that wasn't hunting, fishing, or something like that. She did read "A River Runs Through It." Let me know how it ends up for Lexi.

mCat said...

How sweet is that? I wasn't into that particular book, but I loved my Nancy Drew's and had no one to read them with. Lucky Lexi