Sunday, November 13, 2011

Settling in...

Now that the boxes are put away, the decorations are hung on the wall, and the furniture where it should be, we are finally starting to settle in. 

I have been trying to get back into a walking routine.  It should be easy as I have some really great walking paths close by. I also went to a Zumba class at the high school.  They have 4 classes each week in the evenings. Two days are Zumba and I am not sure what they are doing the other two days but I intend to find out.  I can't use distance as an excuse not to go as the high school is a block away.  I could walk if I weren't a sissy afraid of walking alone at night. 

Picture from a morning walk last week.
I haven't taken pictures of the new place but I did get some pictures of my new sofa.  It is a tad shorter than most sofa's which is good because we don't have a ton of space.  I am hoping to get the matching loveseat before the end of the year. 
I am not a big fan of the pillows it came with.  Maybe I can find some that match the quilt I throw over the back.

This is how it normally looks.
 I have get to go back to work tomorrow.  After 9 work days off, I really, really don't wanna.  It will be good though to get back into a good routine.  If you haven't noticed - I really like routine in my life.  At least when it comes to work and exercise.  For me, it makes the things I don't want to do a little easier to get through.

Now that things are settling down a bit, I hope to get back to blogging on a regular basis.


just call me jo said...

I love your moosey accessories. I used to collect moose. Love the lamps and the picture. Your couch is so cute. I like routine too. Sounds as if you're settling in nicely and live in a convenient location. We lived in that kind of area in Idaho, but here we're sort of close to nothing. Glad you're blogging again. I like your background.

Cynthia said...

Amy, Thank you so much for taking time out of your life to care for Grandma. I know it was a lot more work than you had bargained for and I am so grateful for your loving service to her. May you be richly blessed for it!

Your new place looks beautiful and I love the new couch. We should make some fun coverlets to put over those throw pillows. Then you could change them seasonally if you wanted. Maybe a crafting Girls Night would be the time to try it? We're planning on making some cool picture frames soon (go check out theorganicbloom dot com as I'm gonna knock off their frames!) Let me know if you want to come play!

Deepak Biswas said...

Really Appreciated.
Thank you.

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