Monday, November 14, 2011

Too many thoughts....

to just focus on one.

1 - I love Cap'n Crunch Berries. I feel like I kid when I eat them for breakfast with a glass of chocolate milk.

2 - I don't understand the whole "Occupy" protest. What the hell are they protesting? Everything? Nothing? So confused.

3- I am really tired of the whole Penn State / Sandusky scandal.

4 - I love "On Demand". I will be able to go to my exercise class at 8 pm and know I can catch up on the TV shows I missed the next day. I won't be able to use "Bones" as an excuse not to exercise.

5 - I have no idea how to "do" the whole relationship thing. I will probably be single for the rest of my life.

6 - I love watching "The Biggest Loser". I used to hate all reality television but my friend, John, got me hooked on it last season. Now I don't miss an episode. Another reason to love "On Demand".

7 - I eat unhealthy things while I watch The Biggest Loser, while telling myself that I should get up and exercise instead.

8 - I think I have lost the ability to focus on one thing. My mind goes in too many directions at one time.

9 - I used to be able to read a book in a day. Now it takes me almost a week because I fall asleep.

10 - If I could get a "re-do" on anything in my life. I would go back and get a degree in Secondary Education. Now, I already have too many student loans to pay off from going to a stupid school I will not name and a son who will be starting college (hopefully) in the next two years. Ergo, I can't afford more education for myself. 

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just call me jo said...

Love your list. I don't understand the occupy thing either. My daughter asked me what it was about. I had no answer. Stupidity is all I can think of. I fall asleep reading too. I don't think Sec. ed. is very different now than when I went into it. It's stressful and frustrating too. Since you can't change it now, just enjoy the job you have. Every job is sucky at some time. I hate Capt. Crunch, but good for you. It would sugar overdose me for a week to eat it with chocolate milk. Yhowza! Shezam! Focusing--overrated, I hear!