Monday, November 28, 2011

Worry, worry, worry

Does it sound like I'm worried?  I am.  A good friend is having a CAT scan in the morning.  He had a lump on his side and his doctor isn't sure what it is all about.  My thoughts immediately go to the most horrible of things...CANCER.  I am worried.  I am hoping it is a simple thing.  Something that can be cared for easily.  I will try to focus on other things.  I will try not to worry.  I am lying.  No matter how busy I keep myself I will still worry.  After all, it is what I am good at. 


just call me jo said...

Oh, I hope everything turns out positively. I could tell you that worry doesn't really solve anything, but I just don't buy it. I've worried all my life and I'm pretty sure it kept away some of the bad stuff. Say a little prayer. Everything will work out. I just feel it!

mCat said...

Fingers crossed that everything comes out okay. From one worrier to another - I understand and feel your pain girl!