Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And it's Wednesday...again

Time is flying past and it seems like nothing that needs doing is getting done.  But then I review my mental to do list and find that while I feel like I am not doing anything, stuff is actually getting done.  I've rented a storage unit, packed some boxes, and I am sure there are other things but I am too tired to remember.

My son got his driver's license yesterday.  It was kind of a pain in the backside process, which it shouldn't have been, but now it is done.  Tonight I let him take the ol' blazer  to a school dance.  I debated all day about it but realized it was time.  Yet another step towards his becoming an adult.  I never have to teach another kid to drive or worry about them taking their first solo drive.  It is a good yet somewhat sad feeling. 

I had house guest's for the past week.  They went back home today which I am not sure is the best thing but it is what it is.  What I really missed while they were here were my daily naps.  I love a good mid-morning or afternoon power nap.  You know the kind where you lay down, close your eyes then wake up 30 minutes later feeling re-energized.  Anyway, while they were here there were no naps and I am really feeling it.

I would love to go to sleep now but I need to wait for the teenage driver to return safely.


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

YAY for your son! I've never mastered the power nap... I lay down and wake up two hours later!

Anonymous said...

It's a good feeling to get the last one driving. And I never can do the power nap either. I wake up more tired than if I had just stayed awake!


Cynthia said...

Congratulations on the Driver's License thing! (I think!) It's amazing how time can move so fast and so slow, all at the same time.

Holly said...

Hi amy, I just noticed that you are following me on my blog. Thanks so much for coming to visit me! I remember when my kids went through the whole drivers license thing. It was horrible! I am a worrier and I don't think I lost that much sleep when they were babies. I'm going to take some time now to look around your blog. Have a great day!