Thursday, May 5, 2011


Said the big, black fly before I swatted it out the of the air -mid flight -with my ninja fly-swatter skills.  Yep.  I did that.  Pretty proud of it. 

The title really should have been "Thursday Tidbits" since my mind is scattered all of the place.

I am really glad the President chose not to release the postmortem pictures of Osama Bin Laden. If the families who lost loved ones during the September 11 attacks would like to see them than the Pres. should make exceptions for them but they do not need to be released to the masses.  Many say it is proof that he is dead. Really?!? In the digital age a picture can be manipulated to be almost anything you want it to be.  Where is the proof in that.

I have discovered that one of my favorite statements/questions is "Really!?!"

SPF 70 sunscreen applied several time throughout the afternoon on Wednesday did not prevent my poor shoulders from getting a sunburn.  

As my doctor was squishing the life out of "the girls" yesterday looking for lumps, he mentioned that there are some folks questioning the scientific validity of self-breast exams.  Before I could spout off a sarcastic comment, he filled the void with "I didn't think science has a lot to do with self-exams anyway but it doesn't mean they aren't important."  So ladies, scientist may not think they are valuable but we have to make sure we look out for ourselves.  Bottom line:   Self check.  
For dinner last night, we made delicious Barbecue Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps courtesy of Rachel Ray and the Food Network website.  Check them out if you are a fan of lettuce wraps but don't expect them to taste like PF Changs.

I finally got sick of Internet Explorer and downloaded Mozzila Firefox.   Now I can actually read everyone's blogs without getting some funky IE error which then closes my browser.  Delightful.

A friend called me today to get my weekly NASCAR driver pick, he always starts the conversation with "Hey Sugar Lips" which never fails to make me smile. 

And that is all.  Have a great Thursday everyone. 



just call me jo said...

And who did you pick this week for NASCAR winner? It's really been interesting this year. You just never really know til the last lap, do you? I'm supposed to get the girls squished in June, but...I don't like it. Mozila Firefox never works for me. But then little in computerland does. Have a nice day.

M said...

Whenever my doc asks if I am doing my self exams, I let her know what in my pre-nuptial it was specifally stated that it's Splenda Daddy's responsibility. Plain and simple

Have a great weekend!