Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm Peeved...Well maybe not so much

What get's you peeved?  Here - in no particular order -are some of my pet peeves.  Little, big, silly, weird.  Here you have it, at least what I could think of today.
  1. People who drive on I-15 through the Utah County construction zone like they are qualifying for an Indy car race.  Slow down people!!! I have family and friends working on the Interstate reconstruction project everyday. 
  2.  When the under-wire in my bra breaks through the casing. Seriously!?!? With all of the technology in the world today, why can't Victoria's Secret come up with a revolutionary fabric that keeps the under-wire from breaking through.  For $50, I expect my bra to be Teflon tough.  
  3. When I set down my glasses and can't find them again.  No, I am not scatter brained - at least not when it comes to this - it is because I am so BLIND without my glasses that I can't see where I set the darn things.   My vision is about 20/800.  Yep.  What the average person can see at 800 feet, I can see at 20.  
  4. Going to Wal-mart.  I'm serious about this one.  I am not a super fan of Wal-mart.  I prefer to buy my groceries at a locally owned grocery store because they actually have the produce I am looking for.  And forget buying clothes at Wal-mart.  It seems you either need to be in the Miley Cyrus or Betty White category to find anything at all worth wearing.   Well, except for sportswear.  I do buy my workout clothes there.  They are cheap and with any luck I will need to buy smaller sizes sooner rather than later.  
  5. Finding out important news about loved ones on Facebook.  I am talking about things like family illnesses, or that my best friend has a new boyfriend.  Somethings are worth an actual conversation folks. 
  6. Wasting half an hour texting when a 5 minute conversation would have taken up less time and gotten the job handled much quicker.
  7. My work computer constantly crashing while I am trying to work on a specific project.  It only happens on that project.  
  8. The almost constant use of the word God on television.  One of the reason I rarely watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition is because of all of the kids who constantly say, "Oh my G".  Call me weird but it bugs me.  I am from Utah and prefer "Gosh".
  9. Television shows that purposely use the F-word just to bleep it out.  I hate hearing the bleeping bleeps, so leave the bleep word out of the bleeping show, so that there is no bleepin' bleeping.
  10. Not being able to come up with a number ten on my peeved list. 
So...what gets you peeved?


    just call me jo said...

    You know I have more than 10. My list starts with hubby, for sure. ;o) jk--sort of. I'm with you on the underwire thing. The whole rest of the bra is perfect and here's this wire sticking through. There's no way to fix it either. I've tried. Walmart--definitely! And anything technological is just a migraine waiting to happen. You're so cute and positive...My list is still going on.

    Anonymous said...

    So true on the VS bra! Really?!? It's an expensive piece of equipment people!

    And Walmart makes me physically ill. And I still have to shop there. ILL...


    Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

    OMGracious! Walmart and Target make me nuts with their girl's clothing... seems that once you are above a 5T, you should dress like a skank... everything has bling all over the place. Makes me CRAZY! (And Obviously, I agree with #8 too :))

    Holly said...

    Ditto on everything you just said! I mean everything. Walmart is huge on that list, don't even get me started! Where do these people come from? Do these people not buy shoes for their kids? Is only a diaper appropriate attire for a three year old? See what you did!! Breathe, Holly

    Missy said...

    Four and Five, definitely!!!
    Wal-Mart gives me Hives and FaceBook gives me Fits because of family!!!