Monday, June 20, 2011

@#$% Monday

And that is how I felt this morning. 

I started reading Debbie Macomber's "A Turn in the Road" last night before I went to bed.  Then I started to fall asleep.  I turned out the light and lay in the darkness for almost an hour and sleep would not come.  This went on until 3 am.  Back and forth - read, fall asleep, drop book, wake up, turn off the light, lay in the dark wide awake.  Then do it all over again.  At about 2:30 my leg started getting twitchy, so I finally took a Tylenol PM.  Should have done it BEFORE I went to bed.  But that would have made too much sense.

Finally, I fell asleep (finished the book) then ignored the alarm clock, and the house clock that starts playing music on the hour at 7 am.  Woke up at 8:30 ish, already late to work.  Went to take a shower and had a trickle of water.  Checked the house and yard to make sure we hadn't broken a pipe.  Called the city - there was some sort of water problem (really?!? Couldn't have guessed.)- and had water again at 10:00. 

Not a very good start to the day and definitely not what I had planned to post.  A better post later.  I promise.


just call me jo said...

You work at home though, right? It could be worse.(maybe) I hate nights like that. I do the same thing sometimes. Tylenon P.M. knocks me out for an hour or two and then I wake up all itchy and twitchy. Hope tomorrow is better.

Cynthia said...

But the day ended well! It was so fun to see you and Grandma tonight!

Holly said...

Whata terrible start! Hope you slept better last night and were able to take a decent shower. I've never used Tylenol PM, Nyquil is my best friend though.

Anonymous said...

Those kind of days should be declared and a do-over given. Good thing it's now Wednesda