Friday, June 24, 2011

Week in a nutshell...

I have been meaning to post something all week to get rid of my Monday post but time just ran away on me.  It seems I have been nothing but busy since moving.  But being busy must be good for me because I have lost about 7 lbs.  Not bad, eh?

Last Friday evening, Mixer Man and I went to Cabella's (so romantic) and I bought a new tackle box/bag.  It might be a little too big for right now but I am sure I will manage to fill it up.  It is even a bright orange, so as Mixer Man says, "We won't lose you."  Now I just need to go fishing. Mixer Man might be available to go on Sunday but I am not holding my breath.

I wish it were pink!
It came with four of these...
Last Saturday, my friend Rachelle invited me to go to an outdoor concert that included about five local bands.  Our favorite local band "Firehawk" was playing.   They play a mix of their own stuff and cover songs.  They are so much fun.

Bad photo...Firehawk 
Another bad photo...this is me and Rachelle.  I like the band so much I had to buy the tank top.
This was an outdoor family event and there were a few vendors around.  Rachelle wanted to go look at a purse vendor.  I don't know about where you are, but here we seen to have these big, blingy purses being sold everywhere.  Normally, I don't see anything that interests me.  I am not a new mother so don't want anything that could double as a diaper bag nor do I like a lot of the designs, BUT I found one that I really like...and it is I bought it.
My cute new purse.  It has a little bling but I like it. 
If you read my last post then you know how my Monday started.  It ended a whole lot better.  Grandma and I went to a baby shower for my cousin Megan.  She is expecting twins and indicated on the invitation that she needed diapers. She got them. I don't think I have seen that many diapers outside of a Wal-Mart aisle.

On Tuesday, Austin and I went to the library for new cards and to check out a few books.  I may have checked out too many but I have 4 weeks to keep them and I can usually read a book in about a day and a half.  These are easy reads. 

Thursday morning my boss called to tell me that our annual merit increases were approved and will start on July 1st.  It isn't a lot but something is better than nothing.

This evening I went with Grandma, Mom, niece, and two nephews to a kids/ mini float parade.  These floats were really cute and it was a nice way to relax.  Afterwards we ate taco's on Grandma's deck.  Not a bad evening. 

Tomorrow will be another busy day, so it is off to the shower and then bed.

Have a great weekend!


Cynthia said...

It was so fun to see you at the shower. I think Megan counted up the diapers and they got just under 4,000. Seriously! That's like a year's supply for both babies! They'll need it though as they'll be flat broke (rather than partial broke) when Trev starts nursing school. Meg was at the Dr. today and it looks like she'll be going FULL TERM. Girl does not seem to go on her own so those babies are gonna be huge!

I'm glad you've got lots of great stuff going on- and now Grandma does too thanks to you! I might have to go back and read some old posts to figure out who the heck 'Mixer Man' is! LOL!

Holly said...

Cute purse! If you come over, my husband could fill that tackle box in 2 seconds with only the stuff that won't fit in his 6 other tackle boxes.

just call me jo said...

Purse--very cute. Just enough bling. Ya gotta have bling, lady.

Tackle box--you know how I feel about fishing and tackle boxes. A little annoying, but yours is ever-so snazzy!

Picture of you--hair is LONG!! You go girl.

7 lbs.--I'm so jealous. I know where it went, however...

twins--yes! They need thousands of diapers. It's amazing. They'll definitely use all 4000.

library card--yeah! I love libraries.

time with family--good times!

Enjoy your weekend.

Megan said...

I'm glad that my shower allowed you to end your horrible Monday on a positive note! It was so fun to see you there, and I was so glad Grandma was able to come. Yes, we got a LOT of diapers! I figure it's about a year's supply for each baby! Someone dropped some more off today, so now I'm at about 4000! Wahoo! Cute purse, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Giggling at the tackle box. My dad would have given me one for my wedding day if he were still alive. that was our thing.