Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stick a fork in me...

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I'm done. Well almost.  Pretty much EVERYTHING went into storage today except the curio cabinet and TV.  There just wasn't enough room left in the moving truck, my blazer, my sister's mini-van, and Mixer Man's truck.  Later this week when I go over to clean, I will haul those last items over. 

FYI, Mixer Man is the new name I've given to my friend John P.  Yeah.  Haven't blogged about him before or at least I don't think so.  He and I have been friends for about 3 years.  Yes, that is friends as in not really dating.  Not really doing much of anything.  But he tends to be around when I need him. Like when I need to move, when I need to play hookey from work for an hour or two and he happens to have the day off, when I need to go buy a gun, or when I absolutely NEED to go fishing. Yeah, he is good for those things.  He is one of those been married, bought the t-shirt, don't really want to go there again type of guys.  But oh well.  Friends are always nice to have.

I think I have a thing for bald guys.  Not the "Nature made me bald and I am fighting it so I'll just comb over or neatly style the remaining hair I have left" bald but the "Nature took some of my hair so let's shave the rest off " and the "I'd rather bic than style" bald.  Those last two show a level of confidence I find highly attractive.  Mixer Man is in that category and my other John - John B. - or Tri Guy is as well.

Tri-Guy and I have been friends for about 12 years.  I spent too many of those years thinking maybe he would think I was the right girl for him.  Now I know better and am really okay with it.  He bought the same t-shirt as Mixer Man, and is a confirmed bachelor.  No messy relationships to mess up his single, free-wheelin' mojo.  When our friendship first started, we were working together, so dating was a real no-no.  Since then, he has moved all over the continent and back.   He is a triathlete hence the name Tri-Guy.  Mixer Man runs a cement mixer.  See how creative I am.

Perhaps I should end this cycle of bald men named John. It hasn't really worked thus far. But again, having friends is nice.  Tri-guy is always good for dinner if he happens to be in town and our schedules mesh, which is usually about twice a year.  This pattern is so consistent, we have begun to call them our bi-annual meetings.  Mixer Man is around a lot more and is good for manual labor and outdoor activities.  I figure I probably won't have a long term relationship until after my son graduates high school, so friends are better anyway.

This post has kind of gotten away from me.  I am sure it is a direct result of how exhausted I am this evening.  Hope all of you have a great week.


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Sometimes rambling posts written while exhausted are the most fun... you are too cute and you no has worked... maybe not romantically, but it HAS worked! :)

just call me jo said...

Glad you're moved mostly...I'll drink to friendships and bald men. I can tell you're rummy from the whole moving process. It's definitely exhausting. Rest and revamp, friend. Friendships are some times better than romance any way. (And sometimes not...) Just rest.

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Ugh, moving is the WORST! I've done it more times in the past year than I care to mention! Also, I think it's AWESOME that you have a male friend who helps you out when you need it!

HI! I just wanted to drop by and thank you for visiting, commenting and following my blog! I really, really appreciate it! I'm following you back, cheers!!

Anonymous said...

Like the nicknames, helps to keep everyone straight.

And I too kind of like the bald bic man as well. Splenda is bald, but can't bring himself to bic yet. I'm holding out hope.

Glad you're moved!