Saturday, August 6, 2011

Adventure Day

I admit I stole the term Adventure Day from my cousin Cynthia at Creative Chaos but I couldn't think of anything more suitable as my son and I had an Adventure Day today.

I woke up determined that we were going to hike up to Timpanogos Cave (on the paved trail) and go on the cave tour.  I was sure I could aside my claustrophobia and fears of being trapped in the cave by a catastrophic earthquake.  I wanted to leave at nine but darn that National Geographic channel.  Austin turned it on and we were both entranced as we watched Texans fight a plague of fire ants with flies.  We ended up leaving at ten instead.  We stopped at the gas station for water, Coke, and snacks then made our way to the canyon.  The sign at the fee station read "4 hour wait for cave tours".   We paid our $6 recreation fee and the attendant suggested we visit Crystal Springs if we did not want to wait for the cave tours.  She handed me a map, our pass, and we were on our way.

I have never been to or heard of Crystal Springs so this was to be a true adventure.  There was a bike race happening in the canyon and we dodged bikes as we made our way up the canyon.  Windows down, sun roof open, and music playing. 

We found our way to Crystal Springs and began our walk/hike along the paved trail and boardwalks.  I was pleasantly surprised at what we found. 
I think this is a Monkshood flower.

Austin at the beginning of the trail.
Crystal Springs

The springs come out of the glacial rocks.


After leaving Crystal Springs, we took a decently maintained dirt/gravel road to Heber and Midway.  The road comes out at Soldier Hollow which was a venue for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

View from the road to Heber/Midway.  The reservoir in the picture is where Mixer Man and I went fishing on Friday.  The road we took home is on the far side of the water, follows the shoreline and goes over the dam.
I hope all of you find a little adventure this weekend.


just call me jo said...

Look at you all adventursome and stuff. That looked like an athletic, photographic, artistic, and motherly lady. I'm so proud of you. Did I know that you and Mixer Man went fishing Friday? Woop! Woop! You're a social maniac.

Cynthia said...

Yea! Steal away! Adventure Days are the best. Dad took us to Crystal Springs on Sunday drives when we were kids and we've all loved it ever since. In fact, Jen and Rusty got engaged on the bridge there! It's so fun to see things you've never seen before- especially when it's close enough to home to go back again and again. Just wait for the fall color this year- that drive is especially fabulous when the maples are in full fall color.

M-Cat said...

Crystal Springs is one of my fav spots! Looks delightful!