Sunday, August 28, 2011

Southern Utah Vacation Day One In PIctures

Utah Territorial State House in Filmore.

Austin and my niece Sissy at the Territorial State House.  Goofing off in the jail cell.

At Cedar Breaks National Monument

They look like brother and sister.

 Focus on the adorable Sissy and beautiful scenery.

Sis trying to take a picture with her "brother".  All weekend, she called me Mom and Austin her brother.

From the Cedar Breaks Visitor Center outlook.

Love my handsome boy.

Sis becoming a Cedar Breaks Junior Ranger.
Do you know the difference between a National Monument and a National Park?


Cynthia said...

Given the small number of nieces you have, I'm going to have to say this must be Melanie's girl because she is just as beautiful as her Mama. Wow.

just call me jo said...

I assume one is a monument and one is a park!! ;o) I'm such a smart mouth, huh? I envy your travels. How fun!

M-Cat said...

They DO look like brother and sister!

Love Cedar Breaks! Well at least the pictures of it. While running a relay, my team decided it would be a lot of fun to check that out and take video instead of helping me out while I was running in hail.