Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One is the loneliest number...

This was going to post on Sunday but I got distracted but better late than never.

I had a weekend all to myself.  This has not happened since May... before moving in with Grandma.  I was a little excited.  I could do anything I wanted.  Right?  Wrong... Turns out I am no longer used to being completely alone.  I wanted to go fishing.  No one to go with.  I wanted to go shooting.  Again, no one to go with.  I wanted to go to a movie.  Went by myself.

Austin wasn't going to come home until Monday but I went and picked him up on Sunday.  I was tired of being alone.  Grandma came home a few hours later and I was glad.

I did get something done over the weekend but mostly I was lazy.

My brother replaced the radiator fan assembly in my car.  It took a little while to figure out exactly what the problem was. Then once we replaced the fan and fan motor it still wasn't working.  We were both shaking our heads.  Finally he went home to bed and came back Saturday morning.  After a frustrating hour he finally gave up and we headed to the parts store to return a part we didn't need and get something he needed.  While there I picked up a Haynes Manual for the PT Cruiser.  Once home, Roger took a look in the book, fiddled with something, told me it was working and handed me a fuse.  Yes. A fuse!  When the fan motor blew it also blew a fuse but not the fan fuses.  A different fuse.  Sheesh.  Now the car works great again.

While my brother worked on the car, I worked on my project: staining an outdoor swing.  On Friday night, I had to scrub off the algae, old finish, and dirt with a scrub brush and bleach water.  When I was finished I looked like I had gotten into a fight with a swamp monster.  My legs were splattered with green goop.   Saturday morning I was able to sand and put on the finish.  

Prior to this, the swing looked the same as the fence.
Monday morning I showed the swing to Grandma.  She was pleased to see her swing looking so nice. Today when my son and I returned from the store, she asked: "Did you paint the swing while I was gone?"  It breaks my heart a little every time her memory lapses.  I just gave her the same spiel I gave her yesterday when I showed it to her. 

The weekend made me realize that I need to get used to be alone again.  My son starts school on Monday and will be spending he majority of his time at his dad's or my sister's house since he is going to school about 30 miles away.  Grandma will be going to my aunt's house for a week, if not longer.  This gives me too much time on my hands.  One really is the loneliest number...most of the time.


just call me jo said...

The swing looks marvelous. I'm sorry that you have to be alone. Sometimes I like being alone, but only when I choose that. Being alone by force isn't fun. I know. Where's that dang Mixer Man? Tell him to step up. You can write me any time, but I know it's not the same.

Holly said...

Come on out to Arizona with Jo and I and you won't be alone. I've been alone, and I've been lonely. Two totally different things. I like my alone time, but being lonely can be painful. Is there anything going on in your town that you can do? Take a class? Volunteer?

Cynthia said...

Oh Amy! I want you to know how much I appreciate all you do for Grandma. I hope her kids can figure out what to do next- clearly she can't live alone. You've been wonderful to step up and take care of her for all these months but it is time for you to get back to your own life. What a blessing for both of you to have had this time though.

Oh- and even when you're married it's lonesome sometimes. I am a social butterfly and my spouse is not. Love the man but he never wants to go to a movie or have friends over. I can't remember the last time we had people over outside of the annual party we host. I started blogging in large part to fill in the social gaps in my life. I know it's not the same but it is what it is.

Sounds like you and I should hit the theater together! *you're on your own with fishing though!)