Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Said What??? Vol. 2

In a conversation with my son and nephew about what we would do with a few extra thousand dollars:

"I would go to Vegas and do...crap I can't remember his name..."

Dead silence and jaw dropping from the two teenage boys.

"Richard Petty.  I would do the Richard Petty Driving Experience."

If you don't know NASCAR.  The Richard Petty Driving Experience gives the average Joe or Jane a chance to drive a NASCAR car at a NASCAR track.  So it is a little more involved than that.  You can do a ride along for a little over $100 or you can actually drive the car and the cost is between the $450 to $3500. 


M-Cat said...

I don't think I could do either! I think I would get so car sick that I would barf and then be banned from everything!

Lunch was FUN today - let's do it again, and find me on FB - I couldn't find you....


just call me jo said...

That's so cute. I am a big NASCAR fan, but I would NEVER spend thousands on that. I'm just watching the truck races and Kyle got in big trouble (as usual.) It's 117 degrees here at 7 p.m. UGH!!! Remind me why I live here!

Holly said...

That's just too funny! My husband did that and he loved it! I don't care to drive it, but I do love to watch it. Go #24 & #48